Nancy Astor building

The UPSU Sports Centre

Located on the ground floor of Nancy Astor with access from Endsleigh Place, the UPSU Sports Centre provides a range of activities to assist in achieving your fitness goals. Featuring a 50 station gym, squash courts, multi-purpose sports hall, and the Sports Injuries Clinic which offer treatments and massages. The Sport & Active Team offer a host of facilities which can be utilised by students, staff and the public.

More information on opening times, membership packages and activities can be found on the UPSU website.

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Sustainable campus

Rainwater harvesting

The Nancy Astor building uses rainwater harvesting methods, where rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in large tanks. This is used for the flushing of toilets and prevents drinking water from the mains being used.

There are many advantages to harvesting rainwater, mainly in providing an independent and local water supply, which is not impacted by regional water restrictions and which reduces the demand on local water infrastructure.

Nancy Astor

Nancy Astor (1879–1964) was the first woman to serve as a member of the House of Commons. She was MP of Plymouth Sutton between 1919 and 1945. The Astors were hugely generous with their wealth. They gave buildings, land and money to the city of Plymouth. They financed the first hall of residence, Astor Hall, in the Stoke area of Plymouth in 1929 to accommodate science and technology, undergraduates. 3 Elliot Terrace, where the King and Queen stayed in a visit during WWII, was among the gifts and is now the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Plymouth.