Clinical Skills Resources Centre lab
Simulated practice requires a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, in order to keep our patients and service users safe. When learning skills, students need an understanding of why, when and how that action is best carried out, this is where our clinical skills labs come in. They enable students to: 
  • Learn skills at your own pace without the pressure of getting it right first time
  • Receive support from your peers and lecturers
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Develop your professionalism ready to go out on placement.
Students are supported and taught by experts within the fields of nursing and midwifery, utilising specialist equipment that students will see out on placement.
Students will learn a whole range of skills specific to the profession they are entering and a variety of basic health related skills. Students will have the opportunity to build upon the theory they have learnt, and put this into practice, to become ready to perform these on real patients during practice placements.
Clinical Skills Resource Centre
Clinical Skills Resource Centre

Clinical Skills Labs at the University of Plymouth

Excited to begin your studies with us? Watch the tour of our state-of-the-art clinical skills facilities to find out more about the skills you will be learning, and see more of the spaces you’ll be practicing in. We’re investing in your future, to enable you to become the best professional you can be. 
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