How we spend our income

Transparent summary of the different expenditure the University makes to underpin our high-quality education, research and innovation.

Seeing a breakdown of how the University spends its income is useful to show how strategic aims and key business needs are resourced. We aim to be transparent by detailing the different income sources and expenditure the University needs to make, to underpin our high-quality, internationally leading education, research and innovation. Students need to know what their fees are paying for, and by providing this financial context, we aim to show that value for money is core to our investment strategy.

How we spent our £ in 2020/21

Tuition fee spend graph 20/21

Note: The expenditure excludes non-cash accounting adjustment pension charges of £20.4m and capital expenditure of £23.0m. Capital expenditure is included on the balance sheet and released to expenditure under investments in our future over the useful economic life of the buildings and equipment.

Income 2020/21

This chart summarises the key income streams for the University, with tuition fee income accounting for 61% of income.

Other income graph 20/21

Expenditure 2020/21

This chart summarises key expenditure required to enable the University to deliver high-quality, internationally leading education, research and innovation.

Expenditure graph 20/21

Further detail is available in the published financial statements: Financial statements - University of Plymouth.