Making Great Illustration Education Day. School pupils visit the Gallery.

We know that getting your class outside of the school environment can mean a lot of paperwork, so we provide useful information and materials that will enhance your pupils’ time with us and lighten your preparation load. Opportunities include tours of our exhibitions, specialist education days and arts workshops.

By working with children of all school ages we aim to fuel their imagination and creativity, providing them with a stimulating learning experience that they won’t forget.

Talks and activities are ambitious and challenging, nurturing an appreciation of the arts and a sense of achievement. They are always related to our current programme, allowing the engagement to filter outside of school parameters.

Teachers' resources

Our education packs devised for each exhibition are designed to make our galleries more accessible to young people.

Each pack offers context to an exhibition ensuring that teachers can plan ahead for a visit by introducing their pupils to main themes and ideas behind the works. Discover more teaching resources.

Booking a school visit

We are happy to discuss your visit with you before you book, so please contact us with any queries. All school groups must be supervised by an appropriate number of staff members from the visiting school and we advise teachers to visit the gallery space before making your visit. Booking is essential.

The House

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