Optional placements - School of Nursing and Midwifery

It has been agreed that - to align with adjustments within the University Covid-19 safety net - students will now be permitted to attend an optional placement if they have a maximum of two modules outstanding (whether in one or more components) at the time of the Assessment Award Board. All practice requirements must have been achieved. Students still need to consider how this will impact their studies as undertaking an optional placement would not be an acceptable extenuating circumstance for subsequent late or non-submission of an outstanding theory assessment.

A reminder that the deadline for application for local or national optional placements is 30 April 2021. No new international optional placements are being considered for summer 2021

An optional placement is an exciting opportunity for you as a University of Plymouth student to plan and organise a short period of learning in an area you may not access during your course.

This opportunity will enable you to broaden and enhance your knowledge and understanding of a particular service or organisation within the context of pre-registration learning. It is important to remember that you will also be an ambassador of the University of Plymouth and reflect the high standard of professional care you have been prepared for.

You can select from a diversity of current placements or seek an optional placement outside of the University placement range.