Livewell Southwest North Community Mental Health Team

Practice placements offer opportunities for a wide range of clinical experiences within both traditional environments, such as acute and community settings, and in emerging services that include private, voluntary and independent sectors.

POW provides you with online information about the placement you have been allocated to: 

  • What to expect whilst on a particular placement.
  • A complete placement profile which will include details on who to contact.
  • What to wear.
  • Information on the facilities available to you whilst on placement.  

Each programme has a specific requirement for a percentage of practice to be completed prior to professional body registration – POW allows you to see your record of attendance and a running total of hours completed / absence which is linked to your monthly submitted timesheets.  

At the end of your placement, the system opens up a tab enabling you to evaluate the placement. If you want to provide exceptional qualitative written data in addition to your online evaluation email POW Support.

If you do choose to use this facility please ensure you send your comments from your University email account, include the name of your placement and the dates you attended, anonymous commentary will be ignored as will failure to submit through the online tool.

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Help and support

If you are having any difficulty, please email the POW Support Team, contact details are available on the POPPI homepage

If you receive any error messages it is useful if you can send us a screen shot of the message along with the detail of when the message appeared.

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