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Expectations will be present on both sides.
The team at your allocated placement will expect you to present yourself in a professional manner. Be mindful that first impressions are powerful and will offer an insight into how you will fit in to the team during the placement.
To present yourself in the best possible light to your new team access the placement details on POW and see if there is any recommended reading or suggestions for research prior to placement commencing. If there is not, look up some basic background before you go, it will show resourcefulness and eagerness to learn.
It is important that you meet with your practice supervisors/assessor prior to starting your placement. Telephone or email your named contact at least four weeks beforehand, to arrange a suitable time to go in. Not only will this orientate you with your new workplace environment, it will give you a chance to see what you will be experiencing, get your shifts for the initial period and also acquaint you with the practice supervisors/assessor.

Expectations and checklists

You can expect that your practice assessor / supervisor will:

  • have relevant experience in the practice placement environment
  • hold current registration on the assessor/supervisor register, having completed the required training
  • will act as assessor/coaches, giving constructive feedback at regular intervals to highlight gaps/progression in your agreed learning plan
  • will signpost and facilitate your access to the wider team, enabling you to work with other HCP’s
  • be responsible for assessing your progress formally and informally, collating a wide range of feedback for mid and end point assessments
  • your named assessor will be responsible for completing your ePAD at the end of placement, along with the academic assessor. This will be discussed with you at end point assessment.

Your practice assessor/supervisors will require you to:

  • be flexible to work with the whole team, across all shifts, to enable them to offer a wider placement experience and to supervise your learning effectively.
  • to show enthusiasm and willingness to learn, making the most of any opportunities that present themselves
  • take part in two-way discussion and feedback, to ensure there is mutual understanding of any feedback/planning
  • evaluate the placement and your experience at the end of placement, to enable the organisation/team to reflect/improve.

Pre placement checklist

  • Check that all Mandatory training is completed and any OH requirements (listed on PEP) are ready to be discussed with placement.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the ePAD and read through the information section.
  • Contact placement / arrange an initial visit to meet with Assessor/Supervisor / become familiar with the travel requirement.
  • Read some background information for the area you will be experiencing (I.e. Long Term Conditions if you are in placement with a GP practice).
  • Ensure that all domestic / childcare arrangements are in place prior to placement.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

In placement checklist

  • Ensure that all local requirements are met, such as induction, orientation etc.
  • Ensure that your Learning Development Plan is ready for discussion with your Assessor/Supervisor at the end of week one or beginning of week 2. Make this plan available for the whole team to read.
  • Plan to work with the wider placement team for the full MDT experience.
  • Be willing, friendly, attentive and productive.

Post placement checklist

  • Speak to Personal Tutor/Academic Assessor regarding any make up hours that you may need to undertake.
  • Ensure that you complete a placement evaluation, please take time to give constructive feedback.

What to do if there's a problem

In some circumstances placement experience doesn’t go as to plan or you have concerns about your support or patient care.

It is important you let us know as soon as you can, we would not wish you to feel you are unable to do so.

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