Dr Jason Truscott

Dr Jason Truscott

Learning Development Advisor

Student Learning Services - Student Services (Academic Registry)

I am the Learning Development Advisor and liaison person for all students and staff in Science and Engineering

How and where do I get support from Jason? 

Please visit our website (University login required), where I offer Open Hour drop-ins for academic development in your studies (Look for the 'Open Hours for study advice' option). I also develop a range of taught sessions, both online (teaching distance learners) and in person, for campus based activities. 

Are you an undergraduate final year STEM based student? 

Then you may wish to publish within: The Plymouth Student Scientist (e-journal), for which I am the Editor:

Students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects obtaining a first for their final year undergraduate research project, are eligible for publication in The Plymouth Student Scientist e-journal. Before anything is published, we do require consent from both student and project advisor. Tutors/supervisors and students, feel free to contact me directly for further details.

About me

I have over 20 years of experience in Higher Education (teaching, research and development). This includes nearly 15 years of experience in digital online learning and teaching practice, research and development of digital teaching, and related learning resources. I was a founding lead digital designer and developer on one of the first online marine distance learning courses (Hydrographic Academy also National HE STEM), which has now become the Marine Learning Alliance - a partner college of the University of Plymouth), working alongside the Royal Navy and a multi-national surveying company (Fugro). I am also currently a module leader for a distance learning degree apprenticeship course at Plymouth.

I specialise in academic literacy and provide core academic skills for students from varying backgrounds. These can be students having no experience of higher education, straight from school, mature, or returning from several years working away from academia. Ensuring 'all' students are given the support they need throughout their studies, helping them to develop a deeper confidence in higher education academic contexts and making their stay at Plymouth a more enjoyable academic experience. 

I also work closely with the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Network (ALDinHE).

Details of our support offering is also available on our external site (available to everyone): http://plymouth.ac.uk/learn


Previously I have worked in Learning Technologies and for the Experiential Learning Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL):

  • Student learning in digital contexts
  • Student employability, entrepreneurship and how it relates to industry.
  • Understanding student experiential learning experiences (perception)
  • Investigating and improving the student learning experience in fieldwork, labwork and work-based learning.


Over 20 years of experience in higher education, with qualifications in business studies, environmental monitoring, chemistry, social and educational research, and a qualified teacher of higher education: 

  • CeP ALDinHE Certified Practitioner (in Learning Development) 28th August 2018.
  • PgDip (Education), Plymouth University, May 2012.
  • CMALT (Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologies), October 2011.
  • SEDA Accredited Teacher in Higher Education, University of Plymouth, June 2006.
  • MSc accredited module (10 credits): The nature of Education Research “Work based learning: and examination of the theoretical underpinnings and research evidence”, May 2006.
  • MSc accredited module (10 credits): Undertaking Education Research - “Undertaking Education Research: The narrative approach”, May 2006.
  • PgCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE), University of Plymouth, March 2006.
  • Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical), University of Plymouth, 2000.
  • MSc accredited short course in Atomic Spectrometry (5 credits), University of Plymouth, 1997.
  • BSc (Hons) 2:1 in Chemistry(Analytical), University of Plymouth, 1997 (Completed in 2 years + Industrial prize awarded for TEL honours project)
  • HND Environmental Monitoring, Cornwall College, Cornwall, 1995.
  • HND Business and Finance, Cornwall College, Cornwall, 1993.
  • ND Business and Finance, Cornwall College, Cornwall, 1991.

Other qualifications 

  • Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Power Boat Level 2, University of Plymouth, March 2003
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) qualified Advanced Scuba Diver, 1997.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Using Panopto (from home) with Digital Education, University of Plymouth, 1st April 2020.
  • GDPR and Information Security (compulsory online course), University of Plymouth, 5th Nov 2019.
  • Mandarin and Chinese Culture, University of Plymouth, 14th May 2019.
  • Mental Health Awareness, University of Plymouth, 1st April 2019.
  • Prevent training (elearning), University of Plymouth, 1st April 2019.
  • Disability Awareness, University of Plymouth, 1st April 2019.
  • Practical Skills & Suicide Awareness for Staff, University of Plymouth, 22nd March 2019.
  • Safeguarding, University of Plymouth, 13th Feb 2019.
  • GDPR and Information Security (compulsory online course), University of Plymouth, 25th Oct 2018.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) awareness course, University of Plymouth, 22nd May 2018.
  • Recruitment and selection training, University of Plymouth, 25th April 2018.
  • Diversity in the workplace, University of Plymouth, 25th April 2018.
  • Office 365 Using a Plymouth University site. University of Plymouth, 5th Dec 2017.
  • eTutor training (Business School), University of Plymouth, 25th May 2017.
  • Health and Safety Certificate, University of Plymouth, 15th May 2017.
  • Unconscious Bias (training - certificate), University of Plymouth, 1st March 2017.
  • PrevDrop training (preventing student dropouts), University of Plymouth, 13th Feb 2017.
  • Personality and Human Behaviour workshop, University of Plymouth, 13th December 2016.
  • Fire Marshal Refresher Training, University of Plymouth, 28th October 2016.
  • Prevent training, University of Plymouth, 26th July 2016.
  • General Health and Safety and Fire Awareness E Learning, University of Plymouth. 15th May 2016.
  • Assistive Technology Forum, University of Plymouth, 24th Feb 2016.
  • Mental Health First Aid, (mhfa) England, University of Plymouth, 15th and 18th Jan 2016.
  • DSE Training and Assessment,University of Plymouth, April 2015.
  • Recruitment and selection training, University of Plymouth, Feb 2015.
  • Diversity in the workplace, University of Plymouth, October 2014.
  • e-submission and Turnitin, University of Plymouth, September 2014.
  • Using Video for Teaching (Paramedics), July 2014 (I was a trainer for this session)
  • More with Moodle, University of Plymouth, June 2014 (Currently a trainer on this workshop)
  • Talis Aspire Overview, University of Plymouth, 29th April 2014.
  • Online Assessments in Moodle, ULCC, 11th Apr 2014.
  • Pedagogic Design in Moodle, ULCC, 12th March 2014.
  • Introduction to DSLR video production, University of Plymouth, 12th Dec 2013 (I was a trainer for this session)
  • Using Video in Teaching, University of Plymouth, 7th Nov 2013.
  • Fire Marshal Refresher Training, University of Plymouth, 16th Oct 2013.
  • Project Management, 'Project Education', University of Plymouth, 8th Oct 2013.
  • Teaching with Moodle MOOC, Completer, LearnMoodle, 28th Sept 2013.
  • Questionmark Perception training, University of Plymouth, 29th July 2013.
  • Self-Leadership for Sustainability: Part A, University of Plymouth, 30th May 2013.
  • Introduction to Podcasting, University of Plymouth, 15th May 2013 (Currently a trainer on this workshop).
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, University of Plymouth, May 2012.
  • Questionmark Perception 5 training, University of Plymouth, 23rd Feb 2012.
  • General Health, Safety and Fire Awareness e-learning, University of Plymouth, 23rd Jan 2012.
  • Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technologies (CMALT), Oct 2011.
  • Questionmark Perception 4 training, University of Plymouth, August 2011.
  • Recruitment and selection training, University of Plymouth, June 2011.
  • Introduction to Mohive, Fugro International (2 day course), 15th Dec 2010.
  • Fire Marshal Refresher Training, Cornwall College/University of Plymouth, 26th May 2010.
  • Video Conference Room Training, University of Plymouth, 23rd Oct 2009. 
  • Adobe Flash Rich Content Creation, Transmedia, Bristol, 8-9th Sept 2009.
  • Questionmark Perception, University of Plymouth, 13th March 2009.
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Web2Rights, University of Plymouth, 16th January 2009.
  • Creative ways of using the Student Portal, Plymouth, 11th June 2008. 
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver training 2, University of Plymouth, 4 x 2 hours, June 2008.
  • MoleNET, m-assessment: Checking on learning– the mobile way, Taunton School, The Learning and Skills Network, May 2008.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver training, University of Plymouth, 4 x 2 hours, November 2007. 
  • An Introduction to Online Research Methods, University of Manchester, 12th October 2007.
  • Publishing Teaching & Learning Materials in Tulip, University of Plymouth, 4th Oct 2007.
  • Introduction to ArcGIS 1, University of Plymouth, ESRI (UK), 25-26th April 2007.
  • Fire Marshall training, University of Plymouth, 13th April 2007.
  • Appraisee Training, University of Plymouth, July 2006.
  • 'XING (Flux)* Facilitator Training', University of Plymouth, June 2006.
  • 'PERSEUS SurveySolutions 6 Training', (on-line questionnaires), University of Plymouth, May 2006. 
  • 'Focus Group Training', University of Plymouth, March 2006.
  • 'Writing and publishing reports of research on teaching and learning in HE', University of Plymouth, March 2006.
  • 'Collecting data for research on teaching and learning in HE', University of Plymouth, November 2005. 
  • 'Designing a Database using Access 2002', University of Plymouth, October 2005.
  • 'Improving Teaching and Learning in HE through Action Research', University of Plymouth, October 2005.
  • 'LTHE workshop on Lab and Fieldwork', University of Plymouth, February 2005.
  • 'LTHE workshop on Assessing, Marking and Giving Feedback', University of Plymouth, November 2004.
  • 'LTHE workshop on Course Design', University of Plymouth, October 2004. 

 *formally known as YOMP is a specially designed business game designed to encourage enterprise and increase business awareness.

Grants and funding

£5,000 Wrasse Project (University of Plymouth) with John Hilsdon and Joe Allison, 2016.

£2,900 Getting podcasting right for students and their learning (Faculty of Science and Environment), with Martin Lavelle, Carrie Headlam, Paul Hewson and David McMullan, 2014.

£1,320 from The Change Academy (Plymouth University) with Colin Munn and Scott Hadley, an investigation into using Tulip (VLE) for Students as partners (including a Student Buddy system), 2012.

£73,000 from HE STEM (South West) with Dr Richard Thain (project lead) for the Hydrographic Academy: meeting the needs of the workforce and industry through flexible online, distance learning, 2011.

£4,802 from European Union (IRMM, Geel) (Intercalibration exercise for trace metals in sediments) with: Dr Eric Achterberg (Environmental Sciences), Dr Samantha Lavender (Marine Studies), 2002.

Roles on external bodies

  • Co-chair for LearnHigher- Online teaching & Learning resources for teaching staff in UK higher education (Part of ALDinHE), 2015 - present.
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (Part of ALDinHE), September 2015 - present.
  • On the organising committee for the Plymouth E-Learning Conference (PELeCON) hosted at Plymouth University for 2010 - 2013.  PELeCON reaches a wide international audience of learning technologists, teachers and academics in primary to higher education.
  • I was joint organiser with Professor Steve Rowland for the Royal Society of Chemistry 'Top of the Bench' competition for Schools 2002. Top of the Bench is an annual chemistry competition for schools organised on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Local Sections. The RSC Peninsula Section encompasses Devon, Cornwall, The Channel Islands and parts of Somerset and Dorset. Each Section has its own competition to select a team of school students to represent it in the finals, which were held in London at the Science Museum in South Kensington in 2003. 

Teaching interests

Current teaching as part of Learning Development role:

DAPMP300 - BSc Management practice (Distance learning) - Module Leader
DAPMP300J - BSc Management practice (Distance learning) - Module Leader
GEES001 - Extended Science (Study and Mathematical Skills for Science) - Tutor
GEES514 - Research Skills for Science (Masters level) - Tutor
CHM1011 - Solving Chemical Problems - Tutor 
CHM1014 - Solving Chemical Problems - Tutor  

  • Anything that involves supporting students and staff in academic literacy, such as student academic support drop-in's, collaborative timetabled teaching sessions, and bespoke workshops. 
  • Primarily supporting all students and staff within the Business School; the Faculty of Science and Engineering; Degree Apprenticeship (Academic Partners) and also the wider university for Care Leavers (Learning Support and Wellbeing).
Previous teaching experience:
  • DAPMP301B - BSc Management practice (Distance learning) - Tutor
    MGL007 - Introduction to Academic Writing (Business School) - Tutor
    MPDL300 - BSc Management practice (Distance learning) - Module Leader
    MPDL300J - BSc Management practice (Distance learning) - Module Leader
  • Lecturer for undergraduates and MSc students in Environmental Science and Chemistry within the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences (SEOES). Included both fieldwork and laboratory based sessions. 
  • Lecturer (module leader) within the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) for undergraduate and MSc students. This was primarily in Food Quality Sciences (Includes laboratory based sessions based at Seale-Hayne - Newton Abbot campus. When part of University of Plymouth. I was also teaching at the main campus during the transitional period).
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate teaching support, during my PhD (Environmental Science and Chemistry).

Research interests

Educational Research 
My current focus is around academic literacy, with some emphasis on the use of learning technologies in teaching and learning within higher education contexts.

Experiential Learning
I was a Research and Development Officer for the Experiential Learning Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). Educational research included enhancing and understanding student experiential teaching and learning in the areas of: field work, laboratory, work based learning, employability and entrepreneurship.  I also had some experience with virtual learning environments (namely the Experiential Learning CETLs - Immersive Vision Theatre). Details on these projects and the CETL can be found on the EL CETL website (Accessed: May 2011).

'Are you Experienced?' Project - 2007-2008 - Jason Truscott + Alison Stokes
Based on the findings of a blogs and e-mail pilot study.  This was a full year blogs and e-mail study carried out with 1st year students from the natural and environmental sciences. With the view to gaining a holistic view of the student experience of university. (Project duration 2007-2008 - term 1/2 - in the first instance. 

Scientific Research 
I have worked in Post Doctoral Research Fellow positions in Chemistry, and as a consultant for science based research and development. In that role I also performed several Certified Reference Material (CRM) studies for the IRMM, Geel, Belgium. Details of my research can be found in the publications tab above.


Educational Research Related Publications 

Truscott, J.B. 'Encouraging academic literacy by undergraduate science publication', The Plymouth Student Scientist [e-journal], 2018, 11 (2), pp. 1-3. (Available from publisher)

Moody, J. & Truscott, J. Enhancing student induction to library and IT services in higher education. Innovative Practice in Higher Education, 2014, 2 (1). (Available from publisher)

Truscott, J.B., Video for Teaching and Learning, Plymouth University (ASTI publication), October 2013. (4 page guide available from publisher).

FitzPatrick, M., Anderson, M., and Truscott, J., Using mobile devices to extend experiential learning and fieldwork practice in the earth sciences. Planet, 2012 (25): p. 33-39. (Available from publisher).

Griffiths, J.S., Mather, A.E., Truscott, J.B., & Hartley, A., Application of low-cost satellite imagery for reconnaissance mapping and terrain evaluation training: a case study of coastal landslides, Chile, The 11th IAEG Congress proceeding 2010 (Available from publisher).

Watton, P. and Truscott, J.B., Labwork: enhancing student employability, EL CETL Publication, 2010.

Truscott, J.B., Stokes, A., and Weaver, R., Unravelling student experiences with blogs and email. EL CETL Publication, 2009.

Watton, P. and Truscott, J.B.'Fieldwork: enhancing student employability'  EL CETL Publication, Feb 2008.

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Watton, P. and Truscott, J.B.'Enhancing student employability & entrepreneurship through the environmental and natural sciences' EL CETL Publication, November 2006.

Truscott, J.B.'Mobile SMS and MMS as a means of data collection' Experiential Learning CETL publication, University of Plymouth, September 2006.

Watton, P., Pyne, T., Truscott, J.B. 'Work-Based Learning: the opening scene', Experiential Learning CETL publication, University of Plymouth, March 2006.

Rowland, S.J. and Truscott, J.B., 'A Template for Developing and Delivering CAL Applications for Visual Basic Users (CD-ROM)', Higher Education Academy 'SEED project', University of Plymouth, 1999. (see image below)

Science Research Related Publications

Barriada, J.L., Truscott, J.B., Achterberg, E.P., 'Automation of a flow injection system for the determination of dissolved silver at picomolar concentrations in seawater with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy', Journal of Automated Methods & Management in Chemistry, 2003, Vol. 25, 4, 93-100. (Available here)

Clough, R, Truscott, J., Belt, S.T., Catterick, T., Fairman, B.E., Evans, E.H., 'Isotope Dilution ICP-MS for Speciation Studies', Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, 2003, 38, 101-132.

Gehrels, R.; Newnham, R.; Kirby, J.; Black, S.; Truscott, J., 'Sea-level changes in the Western Atlantic Ocean during the past 300 years', Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2003, Vol. 5, ISSN 1029-7006, Available: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/252174406_Sea-level_changes_in_the_western_Atlantic_Ocean_during_the_past_300_years

Truscott, J.B ., Jones, P., Fairman, B.E., Evans, E.H., 'Determination of actinide elements at femtogram per gram levels in environmental samples by on-line solid phase extraction and sector-field-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry', Anal. Chim. Acta, 2001, 433, 245-253. (Available at Science Direct)

Truscott, J.B ., Jones, P., Fairman, B.E., Evans, E.H., 'Determination of actinides in environmental and biological samples using high-performance chelation ion chromatography coupled to sector-field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry', J. Chromatogr. A., 2001, 928, 1, 91-98. (Available at Science Direct )

Truscott, J.B ., Bromley, L., Jones, P., Evans, E.H., Turner, J., Fairman, B., 'Determination of natural uranium and thorium in environmental samples by ETV-ICP-MS after matrix removal by on-line solid phase extraction', J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 1999, 14, 627-631. ( RSC publication JAAS )


Contributor to the RSC publication: 'Guidelines for Achieving High Accuracy in Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry (IDMS)' 2002 (Availble here).

Evans, E.H., Truscott, J.B., Bromley, L., Jones, P., Turner, J., and Fairman, B.E., 'Evaluation of Chelation Pre-concentration for the Determination of Actinide Elements by Flow Injection ICP-MS', Applications of Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry to Radionuclide Determinations: Second Volume, ASTM STP 1344, R.W. Morrow and J.S. Crain, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials, 1998. (Book cover + contents also ASTM book details )

Reports & invited lectures

Teaching and learning related meetings and conferences 

ALDinHE LD@3 Sessions (Online) Dettmer, J., Pocklington, A., Beeson, H., and Truscott, J.B. (2020) 'The LearnHigher Experience', Zoom workshop.

ALDinHE Conference: University of Exeter, April 15-17 2019. Truscott. J. Pocklington, A., and Dettmer, J. (2019) ‘Resource 'Swap-shop'. (1.5 hour workshop).

PedRIO Conference (8th) 'Piecing things together: supporting work-based learning through patchwork text assessment in an online ‘top up’ degree', Sewell, S., Hunter, L., and Truscott, J., University of Plymouth, University of Plymouth, 12th April 2019 (Poster presentation)

16th Vice-Chancellor's Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, Truscott, J.B. & Gresty, K. ‘Encouraging STEM undergraduate students to make a leap into publishing research: The Plymouth Student Scientist e-journal’, University of Plymouth, 14th June 2018.

16th Vice-Chancellor's Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, Truscott, J.B. & Hunter, L. ‘The role of Learning Development in teaching academic literacy to both distance learners and apprenticeship degree students transitioning to higher education’, University of Plymouth, 14th June 2018.

PedRIO Conference (7th), Truscott, J.B., Edwards-Jones, A., & Gresty, K., 'Celebrating its 10 year anniversary: The Plymouth Student Scientist (e-journal)', University of Plymouth, 20th April 2018 (Poster/advert).

BSc Hons Management Practice, Degree Apprenticeship Welcome Day, Truscott, J.B., 'Essay and report writing for business - Level 6', University of Plymouth, 19th January 2018 (Oral presentation).

BSc Hons Management Practice, Degree Apprenticeship Welcome Day, Truscott, J.B., 'An introduction to academic writing for new starters', University of Plymouth, 19th January 2018 (Oral presentation).

PedRIO Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, University of Plymouth, 11th January 2018.

BSc Hons Management Practice, Degree Apprenticeship Welcome Day, Truscott, J.B., 'Academic writing for distance learners', University of Plymouth, 25th November 2018 (Oral presentation).

BSc Hons Management Practice networking event, Truscott, J.B., 'Good writing in business contexts', University of Plymouth, 9th February 2017 (Oral presentation).

PedRIO Conference: What is Teaching Excellence?, University of Plymouth, 22nd November 2016.

14th Vice-Chancellor's Teaching and Learning Conference, June 30th, 2016. Truscott, J.B., Allison, J., and Hilsdon, J. (2016) 'Stop fishing around for discipline specific writing - Wrasse is the catch of the day' (Poster).

Writing Development in Higher Education Conference (2016) Spaces and Places to Write, Plymouth University, June 27th-29th. Truscott, J. & Allison, J. (2016) ‘What does good academic writing really look like-Introducing the new improved Wrasse’ (Oral presentation)

13th ALDinHE Conference: The Learning Development Conference, Heriot-Watt University, 21-23 March 2016 (Oral presentation as LearnHigher co-chair). 

PedRIO Conference Masters Teaching: setting new agendas, University of Plymouth, 8th January 2016.

13th Vice-Chancellor's Teaching and Learning conference, Friday 26th June 2015 (Poster)

PedRIO Annual Conference, University of Plymouth, April 17th, 2015.

12th ALDinHE Conference: 2015, Southampton Solent University, March 30th-April 1st 2015. Allison, J., Hilsdon, J., & Truscott. J. (2015) ‘Catch of the day: Wrasse, a resource for academic writing’ (Poster - Won poster prize)

PedRIO Conference: Education for Sustainability in Higher Education, University of Plymouth, 8th January 2015.

Vice-Chancellors Teaching and Learning Conference, 27th June 2014 (Social media).

Vice-Chancellors Teaching and Learning Conference, 28th April 2013, Truscott, J.B., 'Technology enhanced learning unplugged' (Oral presentation).

The 8th Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference (PELeCON), University of Plymouth, 10th-12th April 2013 (Organising committee member & Social media curator)

VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference – including TEL Showcase – University of Plymouth, 6th July 2012.

HE STEM Workforce Development & Employability Conference, Exeter (Sandy Bridge Park), 18th June 2012 - Distance learning for the Hydrographic Academy (On question and answer panel)

E-Book showcase: Meet the publishers, CSH Library (University of Plymouth), 1000-1400 Thur 26 April 2012 Truscott, J.B., 'Developing technology enhanced, distance learning materials for the Hydrographic Academy'(Invited presentation).

The 7th Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference (PELeCON) 18th-20th April 2012, 'All hands on deck: Developing technology-enhanced distance learning for the marine industry' Presenting, associate-editor and chair).

Oceanology International, London, Excel, March 2012, 'Official launch of the Hydrographic Academy' (A video I created for the speeches and some photos

The 6th Plymouth e-Learning Conference, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, 6-8th April 2011 (Organising committee, co-editor and chair). 

The 5th Plymouth e-Learning Conference, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, 8th-9th April 2010 'To V or not to V? that is the question' Holden, S. Truscott, S. Russell, P. &
McGowan, L. (Presenting, chair, and on the organising committee)

VC's Teaching and Learning Conference, The Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, 6th July 2009. (Presenting)

JISC RSC South West Summer Conference, Weston-super-Mare, 16th and 17th June 2009.

Work Based Learning: Towards Our 2012 Vision (conference), Robbins Conference Centre, Plymouth, 7th May 2009 (facilitating).

The 4th Plymouth e-Learning Conference, The Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, 23-24 April 2009.

GEES Conference, George Hotel, Edinburgh, 2-3rd July 2008 (Presenting).

JISC RSC South West Summer Conference, The Exchange, Bridgewater, 19th June 2008.

CETL Student Network Conference, Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, June 16th-17th 2008 (facilitating).

What can the Experiential Learning CETL do for you? (Conference) 1st May 2008, Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, Plymouth. Workshop 4: The Tamar catchment field resource. (Oral Presentation and demonstrations)

JISC RSC South West Higher Education Conference 2008: Innovation through Partnership, 8th April 2008, At-Bristol, Bristol, 'Experiences of the Experiential: What does the Experiential Learning CETL do?' (Oral Presentation)

Society for Research into Higher Education Annual Conference 2007, 11-13 December, Brighton, Sussex. 'Investigating Student Learning Experiences: What Do Students Really Think About Their Fieldwork, Labwork And Work Based Learning Experiences?' (Oral Presentation)

ALT-C 2007: Beyond Control, Learning Technology for the social network generation, Nottingham, UK, 4-6 September 2007, 'Blogs and e-mails: an effective means to understanding the student learning expereince' (Oral Presentation)

5th Vice Chancellor's Conference, Robins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, 28th June 2007, ‘Experiential learning: what does it mean to you?’ (Oral Presentation)

'Accessibility and Beyond: Re-Energising and Re-Focusing', TechDis (JISC CETIS) The Higher Education Academy, York Science Park, Monday 4th June 2007.

'The future for fieldwork in the natural and environmental sciences', Experiential Learning CETL - Conference, Sherwell Lower Lecture Theatre, University of Plymouth, Thursday 10th May 2007, 'Lab+ A gatway to science' (Poster).

'Methods @ Plymouth 2007 Two days of Practitioner led Research Seminars and Workshops', Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, Thursday & Friday, 19th & 20th April 2007,  'Capturing the Student Experience: What are the options?' (Oral Presentation

Middlesex University - 'Challenging the Orthodoxies: alternative approaches to educational research' - New Connaught Rooms, London, WC2, Thursday 7th December 2006.

Raising Pedagogic Research Capacity - 'Introducing Pedagogic Research Methods' - Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, London, Wednesday 6th December 2006.

Introduction to TechDis approach to accessibility (Alistair McNaught), GEES - Buckland House, Plymouth, Friday18th August 2006, "Mainstreaming good practice for all learners"

Experiential Learning CETL Development Day, Education Room at Cotehele House, Cornwall, Monday 10th July 2006, 'Employability and Entrepreneurship in HE - where are we now?' (Oral presentation)

GEES Subject Centre Annual Conference 2006 What on Earth… ? - 'Student learning in geography, earth and environmental sciences' - In association with the Experiential Learning and Natural and Environmental Sciences and the Centre for Active Learning CETLs , The Quality Hotel, Plymouth, Devon, Monday 26-27 June 2006.  'The student and academic understanding of 'Time', how do we teach it?' (Facilitator + Oral presentation)

RSC South West Summer Conference 'Personalising Learning with E's', The Loop Conference Centre, Exeter, Thursday 22nd June 2006. 

School Fieldwork Development Workshops - 'Embedding fieldwork into our programmes', Centre for Sustainable Futures, Univeristy of Plymouth, Thursday 8th June 2006.

Career Management Conference - Plymouth Lecture Theatre, Portland Square, University of Plymouth, 24 May 2006.

Supporting Fieldwork using Information Technology - Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, Wednesday 10th May 2006.

The Third Placements and Work Experience Conference - Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, Friday 5th May 2006, 'Work-based learning: the opening scene.' 

1st Pedagogical Research in Higher Education Conference - ‘Pedagogical Research: Enhancing Student Success’, Liverpool Marriot City Centre Hotel, UK, Tuesday 2nd May – Wednesday 3rd May 2006. 'Experiential learning is good learning – fact or fiction?' (Poster/Paper)

Social Research Mini Methods Festival and Launch of Methodological Innovations Online - Robbins Conference Centre, University of Plymouth, Wednesday & Thursday 26th & 27th April 2006.

Experiential Learning CETL Workshop, Babbage, University of Plymouth, 15th March 2006, 'Planning fieldwork developments: a workshop'.

YOMP Inspiring Entrepreneurs - Babbage, University of Plymouth, 24th March 2006, 'YOMP - A New Way to Develop Enterprise Skills'. (http://www.yomp.com/)

JISC Regional Support Centre (RSC) South west meeting - The Library, University of Plymouth, 1st February 2006, 'Repositories: What are they and Why do we need them?'

Centre for Active Learning CETL event, University of Gloucestershire, 23rd January 2006, 'An Introduction To Educational Research Methods'. (http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/events/List_4077.htm)

Centre for Active Learning CETL meeting, University of Gloucestershire, 24th January 2006, 'Issues Facing Active Learning and Inquiry-Based Learning CETLs' (Oral).

Experiential Learning CETL Development Day, Boringdon Hall, 16th December 2005, 'Work Based Learning' (Poster/Paper)

Experiential Learning in Environmental and Natural Sciences, One-day Conference , Portland Square, University of Plymouth, 10th September 2004. (Presented my ideas for the EL CETL stage 2 bid)

Science Related Meetings and Conferences

EuroConference on Colloids in Natural Waters, Spa, Belgium, October 2002. 'Dissolved silver analysis in natural waters' (Poster).

Research and Development Topics Meeting, Norwich, UK, July 2001. 'Uncertainty contributions in isotope dilution analysis of organo-mercury compounds' (Poster).

RSC 6th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Cardiff, Wales, UK, June 2001. 'Determination of Actinide Elements at Femtogram per Gram Levels by Sector Field Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry' (Poster).

Tenth Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK, July 2000. 'The Determination of Actinides in Environmental Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry' (Oral). 

Young Researchers' Meeting and Specialist Symposia combined with 'The Age of the Molecule' Annual Conference 2000, University of Manchester (UMIST), Manchester, UK, April 2000. 'Detection of Actinide Elements in Environmental Samples by Column Pre-concentration Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry' (Oral).

Analytical Sciences Network – Young Scientists' Meeting, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK, November 1999. 'Trace Metal Analysis: How Low Can You Get?' (Oral).

Research and Development Topics in Analytical Chemistry, University of Greenwich, Woolwich, UK, April 1999. 'Determination of Actinide Elements in Environmental Samples by ICP-MS' (Poster). 

European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Pau, France, January 1999. 'Column Pre-concentration and Detection of Actinide Elements in Environmental Samples by ETV-ICP-MS' (Poster). 

Department of Trade and Industry Meeting, LGC, Teddington, London, UK, November 1998. 'Determination of Actinide Elements in Environmental Samples using ICP-MS' (Oral). 

Ninth Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium, University of Bath, Bath, UK, July 1998. 'The Determination of Uranium and Thorium in Environmental Samples by ETV-ICP-MS' (Poster). 

Research and Development Topics in Analytical Chemistry, University of Durham, Durham UK, April 1998. 'Determination of Actinide Elements in Environmental Samples by ICP-MS' (Poster).

Other academic activities

Mentor for PGCAP, Plymouth University, 2014/2015