Fieldwork advice for current students

Fieldwork is an integral part of many of our degree programmes and many modules will have a fieldwork component.

Please note that whilst we may be able to make reasonable adjustments to our provision, we may not be able to meet your individual requirements if we do not have the opportunity to assess them in advance, and that could impact negatively on your experience of the course or even your ability to complete your course.

In order to ensure your health and safety and to ensure you have the best student experience possible when undertaking your fieldwork, please follow these steps:

  • Please ensure that you provide full and updated medical information at the start of each academic year and prior to the start of each trip as required by your school. This might be a request to update S3, or a medical questionnaire.
  • Please ensure you include any information and requirements for conditions such as mental health conditions, Autistic Spectrum Conditions etc. If you are unsure about the relevance of any declaration please ask the Field trip Leader.
  • Please ensure you are fully aware of the activities due to take place during the field trip well in advance. This is normally communicated during the induction/safety briefing. 
You are the best person to know how your condition may affect any activities you are expected to do, but ensuring you know about the following might be helpful:

  • What will the transport arrangements be?
  • What are the accommodation arrangements, including the sleeping and bathroom arrangements?
  • What are the catering arrangements?
  • Are there any particular environmental arrangements which might cause issues e.g.: hot weather, humidity, cold/wet weather?
  • What will the terrain be like? How far will you be expected to walk daily? Will there be breaks?
  • What will you be expected to carry?
  • Will you be expected to work in groups?
  • Will you be assessed on the trip, and if so how?
If you need information in advance, additional information following the briefing, or are worried about any of the activities, please ask to speak to the Field trip Leader.

If you would like a meeting with the Field trip Leader and a Disability Advisor, to discuss reasonable adjustments you may require for your fieldwork, please contact your Field trip Leader or Disability Services. Please do this as early as possible.

Please note that staff will be pleased to help!

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