Why go to an Offer Holder Day?

Going along to an Offer Holder Day is a great way to get a deeper insight into your course – and your coursemates. Chat to current students and the ones who might be your future peers and friends a few months from now. Learn more about Offer Holder Days and read on to meet a few students and find out why they’re choosing Plymouth…

Alicia Coterill, Abergavenny 

International Hospitality Management 

“I want to study hospitality because I’m working full time in a hotel at the moment, on a gap year and I like the running of it, and meeting new people. I chose Plymouth because I can do a language with it – I’m probably going to study French. I’ve been to one talk to far, about student budgeting, which was really useful. Later on I’m going to a talk about my course. I’ve never been to an Open Day here, so today is giving me a feel for what the uni is like as well.”

Alicia Coterill
Matthew and Luke McDonald

Matthew and Luke McDonald, Plymouth 

Marine biology

“The location is perfect for our course – you’ve got the national aquarium, the Marine Biological Association is here – it’s fantastic. We don’t have to go anywhere. Location is definitely a factor – if we’d decided on a different course we might have gone somewhere else but all the courses we wanted to do were here. We’re going to see the Marine Building later on. We’ve already done the lab tours, where they showed us some of the projects that current students are working on and the equipment that we’ll be using. Today has definitely helped our decision-making and made us really excited to get to uni.”

Tobi Osideinde, Trowbridge 


“My brother goes here and he really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d try it out. This is my first time in Plymouth and I was nervous when I first arrived, but I’ve explored the campus and I really like it so far. I’ve been to visit my brother but it’s different when you’re coming here for yourself. I’m interested in crime – it’s affects on people, criminals. I’d like to join the police. Today has been useful, I’ve been on a tour this morning and I’ve got a talk about the course this afternoon.”

Tobi Osideinde
Evie Pearce

Evie Pearce, Clevedon

Early childhood studies

“I came to an Open Day, so this is my second time – which is great, because I already feel like I know where I’m going. I liked it straight away. I went to see some other universities, but Plymouth had a better feel, it’s my first choice. I like the fact that it’s a campus – there are so many things here, but the shops are just outside. Everything’s really close together. Today’s been really good – I got to meet some of the people who will be on my course, so I could start making friends. The lecturers knew what they were talking about and answered all my questions.”

Gabi Latham, Derby

International business with Spanish

"My course is quite selective – not that many unis offer it. My A levels are in chemistry, biology and Spanish and I’ve never had the opportunity to study business before, so I want to do something different. I’ve no idea what I want to do after uni, so it’s quite a broad opportunity – and I get to spend a year either working or studying in Spain! Plymouth is my insurance, but it’s lovely here – I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never been to an Open Day, but it’s better than I thought it would be. The location is a huge appeal. The welcome I’ve received at Plymouth is by far the best, in terms of how well they treat you. It’s been a really informative day."

Gabi Latham

Student Life magazine: Summer 2016 issue 3