What are offer holder days for?

So you’ve been to an Open Day, worked hard, got your application in and been offered a place to study at Plymouth. Now what? Just wait until it’s time to cram your stuff into the car and set off for the first day of the rest of your life?

Rather than throwing you in at the deep end like that, we help to ease you gently into university life. If you get offered a place at Plymouth then we’ll invite you to an offer holder day, where you can go to a wide range of activities and events aimed at preparing you for arrival at university. 

 days are invite-only, so if your name’s not down… etc. Once you have been made an offer, you’ll receive your invitation and then you can choose from a few date options.

Sounds a bit like an Open Day…

Offer holder days are subject-specific and tailored to you, so you can get to know your course a lot better and gain more of an idea of what to expect from living and studying here. You’ll also have an opportunity to find out about finance and funding, accommodation options, support services, part-time work opportunities and the sports and societies where you’ll meet your new best friends. The things you want to know once you’ve received an offer might be quite different from the questions you have on an Open Day, when you haven’t made your choices yet. Offer holder days give you all the information you need and can help you with making your firm choice.

Why are they such a big deal?

Coming to campus is the best way to find out what it feels like to be at university and help you decide where you want to go. You’ll probably have loads of questions – and if you don’t then you know your parents will, so we invite them along to offer holder days too. There is a separate question and answers for parents where they can talk about anything that’s on their minds with a panel of admissions staff and current students. So while you’re finding out about joining the Juggling Society (yep), they can make sure you’ll have somewhere nice to live.

Why go to an offer holder day?

  • access more details about your chosen course
  • speak with your future professors and academic staff
  • take part in interactive workshops and subject-specific activities
  • explore the city, campus and state-of-the-art learning facilities
  • chat to current students about life at University
  • meet other applicants who are in the same boat

Haven’t been to one of our Open Days yet? Go to plym.ac.uk/mag/openday to register.

Student ambassador at an open day

Student Life magazine: Spring 2016 issue 2