Dr Ian Selby

Dr Ian Selby

Director of Sustainable Geoscience

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Dr Ian Selby can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Sustainability
  • Georesources
  • Georesource governance
  • Georesource development and management
  • Marine minerals
  • Sand and gravel
  • Marine resource development
  • Marine infrastructure development


Looking outwards from the university, I work across the organisation in collaboration with professional and academic colleagues, seeking to build relationships, link and align research and academic interests and activities with policy, government and industry using my strategic organisational and project leaderships skills. I work across the natural resources, energy and infrastructure sectors and have >30 years of sustainable development, operational and business development experience in the UK and abroad, within industry, consultancy and government.  

I utilise a unique blend of expert natural capital, natural resources and infrastructure development experience applied at the public/private interface – facilitating, managing and delivering georesources, infrastructure and renewable energy sector projects. My particular business experience extends across a range of marine and coastal sectors including georesources (minerals), marine & coastal infrastructure (reclamation, coastal adaptation, CCUS, cables & pipelines, interconnectors, tidal range and wave & tidal energy) with responsibilities including operational, regulatory and project development roles.

I have over 15 years experience operating at board level as a Director, Non-Executive Director and Chair.


BSc Liverpool University - Geology and Physical Geography

PhD Nottingham University - Marine Geology

MBA - Bath University 


Professional membership

Chartered Geologist

Roles on external bodies

Director ESG - Morwind Ltd

Chair - UK Minerals Forum

Chair & Trustee - Wessex Archaeology Ltd

NED and ARAC Chair - Cefas, DEFRA

Director - Geoconsilium Ltd