Emily and Jo’s top 5 LinkedIn Learning courses

Graduate Emily and Jo share their thoughts on LinkedIn Learning

Emily Dewell and Joanne Bradshaw
Emily Dewell, BSc (Hons) Events Management graduate, and Jo Bradshaw, BSc (Hons) Business Management graduate, talk about their experience with LinkedIn Learning and share their top 5 most useful courses.

"The following short courses are positive starting points to enhance your communication and team working skills. All of these courses will provide you with a certificate of attendance on completion. Don't forget you can now use the LinkedIn Learning app to access courses on the move, with the option to download a course and listen to it while taking your daily exercise or listen to a short course while in the kitchen cooking."
Jo Bradshaw

Emily's top 5

This was a brilliant course that I would highly recommend for anyone who is currently job hunting, or even if you have a job at the moment. The content covers multiple topics, including planning, giving yourself targets and lots more, as well as providing practical advice and things to do to stay positive while job hunting.
This course covers topics including stress, resilience, the relationship between stress and resilience, and provides some helpful techniques for coping with stress. This course would benefit any students who are currently searching and applying for jobs, as it can be a very stressful process, and it is useful to have some techniques at hand for when these situations arise.
This course was really insightful, and covers some very useful areas and information for those who are job hunting. Topics covered include keeping an action plan (with a downloadable one that you can fill in), updating your CV and LinkedIn profile, interview techniques and lots more. 
This course gave some really useful tips, tricks and insights for how to network successfully. This would be a particularly useful course for any students who want to make new connections and build new relationships to further their career or to build their confidence.
This course provided some useful information about how to make the most of recruitment agencies, if you choose to use them. It is worth knowing how the recruitment process works in order to maximise the benefits. I would definitely recommend this course to any students who are thinking about using a recruitment agency.

Jo's top 5

In 45 minutes, you will progress through five steps to getting things done. Learn when to do, delegate or defer and understand how you can apply this to all aspects of university study and life.
Spend 25 minutes learning how to create the right environment for your team to succeed. Online group work creates new challenges but if your group is encouraged to take risks, fail, and learn from small failures you will have a greater chance of success. The course also explains the responsibilities of individual team members to speak up, collaborate and reflect. This is a useful course for anyone who is regularly involved in teams or group work projects.
Struggling to get group members to share ideas or work together? This 43 minute course will teach you how to improve and encourage collaboration on your team. You will also learn strategies to develop collaboration skills on your team. 
A lot of what is taught on this course can be applied to university, work, and personal life. I great 30 minute course where you will learn the difference between assertive and aggressive, how to say no and how to disagree with someone without a fight! This course will help anyone who struggles to assert themselves. There is also a small section specifically for women. 
29 minutes to change the way you listen. Finding you drift off during hours of Zoom lectures, workshops, seminars? Cannot remember what was covered in online group work and meeting? This course will help you understand why it is sometimes hard to listen, and how to develop the mindset of a good listener. Providing multiple listening strategies to help you when you feel you are the one not being listened to, how to keep yourself from interrupting, and how to listen to what is not being said.