Access our useful digital careers resources

We have a range of digital resources which will help you develop your employability skills at a time and place which best suits you, including:

  • covering letter and CV builder
  • instant CV feedback
  • company directory
  • practice psychometric and aptitude tests
  • skill assessment tools
  • industry reports.


CV360 – upload your CV to our CV360 tool this will scan your CV and provide feedback. This is particularly useful for identifying spelling, grammar, and layout. This will be really useful after you’ve attended one our development workshops.

Writing your CV – write effective CV content, structure and present it professionally and tailor it for specific roles.

Find example CVs – the type of CV you use largely depends on the job you're applying for and your skills and experience and selecting the right one is extremely important. Take a look at example CVs on Prospects to discover which is right for you.

CV Builder – create a basic CV quickly and easily by using our CV Builder.

CV tips from employers

Application forms

Writing applications – learn the basics about writing application forms.

Application planning – understand the purpose of an application form or cover letter, what employers are looking for and how to tailor your application.

Completing an application – this learning path provides advice on how best to complete the application and stand out from the other applicants.

Aptitude tests and assessment centres

Assessment centre tool – this comprehensive tool explains everything you need to know about assessment centres, the activities you may be assessed on and how to perform.

Practice aptitude and psychometric tests – this is where you can practice a wide variety of commonly used assessments to improve.

Employers on assessment centres – useful tips from employers.

Covering letters

Writing a cover letter – this learning path explains how to plan, write and follow up on your cover letter.
Cover letter builder – create a covering letter quickly and easily.
Employers on cover letters – gain tips from employers.


Interview training – Practice your interview technique and get instant feedback or browse the questions employers most commonly use.

Interview preparation – understand what employers look for, conduct your research and make final interview preparations.

Interview questions and answers – while there are as many different possible interview questions as there are interviewers, it always helps to be ready for anything. These are the questions employers voted the most trustworthy.

The interviewer – understand how interviewers prepare, know what they look for and how they assess you.

Useful tips from employers

Searching for jobs

Job hunt techniques – access the hidden job market, get inspired and uncover the secrets of job-seeking success.

Job hunting tips from employers

Search for employment opportunities

Careers fairs

Search for our Career Fairs.

Planning your career

Career management – discover what career management is really all about, why it's important to plan your career and understand your own skills and preferences.

Aiming for promotion – find out if you have the right attributes to be worthy of a promotion or raise and learn how to plan for your promotion.

Developing essential behaviours – find out what the most successful people always do and if you have the attitude, passion, professionalism and confidence to stand out.

Exploring your career options – this learning path is about exploring the options and discovering what it is you really want to do. It asks questions that enable you to develop the criteria you need to find the right career direction.

Career pathways – need some ideas for the future? Career Pathways can help you discover what you could do and how you could get there.

Building experience – when you start looking for work, a lack of experience is often the most challenging hurdle to overcome. This path helps you to understand the options out there for gaining valuable experience.

Develop a plan – set goals and put a career plan in place that will help you achieve your employment objectives.

Know your options – match your skills to a range of jobs and identify resources that will help you develop.

Your rights and responsibilities in the workplace – discover a wealth of resources to familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Top small business grants in the UK - Discover grants for different regions and industries to see what you can claim to help grow your business.

Career assessments

Whether you are beginning your career, have many years of experience or are unsure of your career direction, reflecting on your motivations, preferences, values and working style can be useful when considering your current role and desired career path.

Career assessments

Career skills

Business networking – discover companies in a specific sector, find people who worked at a specific company and identify people in certain roles.

Building your personal brand – your personal brand is your reputation, your digital footprint and the way other people see you. This learning path helps you to recognise how you come across to others.

Improving workplace skills – find out how to improve workplace skills which you are required to use every day at work. There is advice on all aspects of negotiation skills, written communication and presenting skills.

Balancing work and life – you don't have to be in crisis mode to start tackling your work-life balance. Find out how to address smaller issues before they become big ones with advice on improving your well-being and becoming happier and more creative at work.

Digital publications

Access a library of useful publications to help you throughout your career journey at University. These publications are from some of the market leaders in career development in higher education.

Digital publications

Launch your career with LinkedIn

Your wide-reaching online CV that never sleeps, LinkedIn is the social network platform for professionals, connecting students and graduates with employers and businesses.

How to make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn resources
Megan Dyer - BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science student

"I’ve found the career resources to be very well populated and managed. For example, I found my current role as a Brand Ambassador for Sanctuary Recruitment through the MyCareer and I have also found the resources such as CV 360 and the tests, such as learning style, highly insightful and the results have helped provide clarity on the type of career that I want, to improve my skills and to tailor my approaches to things which suit me best. Moreover, I have used MyCareer to join pathways, book appointments and events with the friendly careers team to provide me with a human’s prospective and/or more specific guidance and direction"

 Megan Dyer - BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science student