BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

"Occupational Therapy appealed to me because it has such a positive and practical approach to enabling people to make the most of their lives. The variety of work settings and job roles which are open to OT's also appeals to me - who knows where my chosen profession will lead me?

Prior to starting my degree, I was employed as an OT Assistant in a local hospital, where I was encouraged to study for a work-related Level 3 Open College Network certificate. This qualification gave me the confidence and experience of recent study I needed to apply for university - as my 'A' Levels dated from 1986!

Practice placements have been my favourite part of the degree course. They have been demanding, but never dull. Over the course of the three practice placements, I have been given an increasing amount of responsibility and I feel that they have been an excellent preparation for my future role as a practising OT. Practice placements have been my favourite learning experience partly due to the fact that I am not a keen essay writer.

I have found the degree course more academically challenging than I anticipated. However, a strength of the OT course is its friendly and supportive atmosphere. The lecturers have always been on hand to provide advice and information when I have needed it, whether I am on placement or in university. I have also found it really helpful to share ideas and difficulties with other students. The course has a good mix of ages and so I haven't felt at all out of place as a mature student."