Environment Question Time

Tackling the key environmental issues facing the globe today, our panellists respond to searching questions set by students, staff and alumni of BSc (Hons) Environmental Science. 

Watch the full video of the 2016 Environmental Question Time event, or view individual questions and responses below.

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With the planet warming at unprecedented rates, do you think that the time has come to introduce global climate engineering techniques such as stratospheric veiling to produce a global cooling effect?

Omar Abu-Seer

How can we help restore the Great Barrier Reef to its former glory, or is it too late?

Natasha Wilcox

The measurement of GDP should be re-named "Globally Destructive Paradigm". How can we ever really keep our planet's ecosystems sustainable while economists and politicians use GDP as a yardstick of progress?

Peter Brooks 

Large areas of productive arable land in the UK are being covered in photo-voltaic (PV) panels by grant farmers. To counter this trend, should planning law be changed to require developers to install PV panels on new large commercial development?

David Rushby

Recently some academics have begun to question the emphasis on scientific findings when communicating the risks from Global Climate Change. How do you believe we can best inspire and create real change in people's lifestyles, beliefs and motives to counter climate change?

Kieran Green

If you had to choose just one change that could be made by all of us, what would it be?

Charlotte Murphy

Archive: Environmental Question Time 2015

Environment Question Time 2015

In 2015 we ran the inaugural Environment Question Time with a panel that included:

Welcome to Plymouth University's first Environment Question Time
John Maskall introduces the event and the panellists.

Which one environmental issue do you think should be at the top of the UK Government's priorities right now and how do we make sure that the MPs get it right? Faith Jordan

What agreement does the forthcoming Paris Climate Summit need to reach to avoid dangerous climate change and how will this be affected by tipping points in the climate system? Tiffany Sham

I'm particularly concerned about the human population increase. We are 7 billion, soon to be 9 billion, do you think that global fisheries can cope with this increase and is it time perhaps for a complete sea change in our attitudes, for example should we now start looking to our protein sources from insects for example? Louise Firth

Does green energy actually have negative environmental impacts, and what are the implications of these impacts if they do occur? Alistair Rose


Conservation efforts often focus on charismatic species like the giant panda and the rhinoceros but is that really the best way of using our financial resources when we should be looking at the overall health of the eco-system? Liam Eslick

If you could go in the past and change something, just one thing, what would it be? Lisa Belova