Psychology facilities

State-of-the-art facilities

Within the School of Psychology, we are committed to shaping our students into the best psychologists and professionals they can be. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment will help students maximise their potential and develop their core skills, ready to embark on a range of exciting and rewarding careers


We’ve redesigned the way we teach psychology at Plymouth. Listening to feedback from our students, we have created a curriculum where the focus is on active learning instead of attending lecturers. Our range of practical activities in a range of specialist facilities are embedded throughout our courses, enabling you to put your new knowledge in practice. 

An excellent range of specialist laboratories

We have specialist laboratories exclusive to the school which can be booked for use by both students and staff. Labs range from single and multiple participant networked PC rooms through to social interaction or group participation rooms with the scope to set up bespoke environments on request.
Specialist laboratories include:
  • virtual reality laboratories with the latest headset technologies and state of the art PC hardware including full experimental development support by the in house Technical team,
  • facilities for brain imaging, electrophysiology, and psychophysiology,
  • a Health Psychology Lab, with Biopac psychophysiology equipment to record heart, pulse, respiration, skin conductance and eye muscle measures and a computer controlled exercise bike to both control and measure physical activity,
  • fully supported Eye Tracking facilities,
  • social labs with table or soft seating and full video recording facilities or personal observation options,
  • computer laboratories with various capacities, networked and with industry leading experimental software installed or bespoke solutions available, 
  • Plymouth Baby Lab, our bespoke suite of lab space for language development, social cognition and social development research from infancy to school age,
  • hands-on learning in our psychology experiential learning lab. We embedded practical activities throughout the course, so you can put new knowledge into practice and build practical skills for future careers.
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
School of Psychology facilties
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities

Brain Imaging Centre

The Brain Research & Imaging Centre (BRIC), the most advanced multi-modal brain imaging facility in the South West, will provide the sea-change to enhance the quality of our research in human neuroscience.
It includes seven cutting-edge human research laboratories in:
  • brain stimulation
  • cognition and behaviour
  • computational modelling
  • electroencephalography (EEG)
  • magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with the most advanced 3-Tesla scanner available
  • motor control
  • pain neuroplasticity and modulation.
Our laboratories will critically advance our enquiry toward the most advanced brain research, improved radiological diagnostics and better patient care.
The partnership between the University of Plymouth, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and DDRC Healthcare is central to our wider aim of delivering rapid improvements to health and wellbeing from the regional to the global scale.
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities
psychology facilities

Equipment available for loan

There is a wide range of equipment available for loan from the technical office, including:
  • digital audio and transcribing equipment
  • portable tablet devices
  • full range of digital video, 3D and still cameras
  • biometric recording equipment.
  • timing and other experimental data gathering devices
  • specialist custom built hardware.
The school is supported by a team of skilled software developers who produce custom packages to support experiments. Many final year projects use new or specially adapted software and the technical office is available to support these students, in addition to staff and researcher experiments requiring specific software.
We also design and build a wide range of sensors and interface devices for use in experimental research – we enjoy a challenge, and the technical office is here to help staff and students alike.

Additional facilities

The school also has access to ERP, fMRI and full body tracking with the Kinect DX for use with research and we can respond very flexibly to incoming research projects with special requirements, and have a wide pool of participants we can call on for experiments.
psychology facilities