Pathway 1

Register your place

  • R PBS Language Proficiency Programme (LPP) – registration for next year will open in September 2022

  • Open only to Plymouth Business School students​.
  • Free of charge to the first 20 interested candidates. ​
  • Places awarded on a first come, first served basis.​
  • Courses are not credit-rated but a certificate of completion will be awarded on attendance of 70%+ classes.​
  • Assessment at the end of the programme is optional. ​
  • Studying a language is a commitment. Please only apply if you have a genuine interest in completing the course, since you will otherwise be denying a fellow student the chance of a place.

Class dates are as follows:​

  • @ Semester 1: week commencing 18 October – week commencing 06 December 2021
  • @ Semester 2: week commencing 31 January – week commencing 28 March 2022

Detailed module information:

Are you interested in advanced languages sessions? We are hoping to launch a free extra-curricular advanced language class (post A level) for French and Spanish in 2022-23 only available to PBS students. If this would interest you, please email us with the answers to the below and we will contact you at a later date with more information.

  • Name:
  • Surname:
  • University email address:
  • Please state your degree programme and stage:
  • Do you hold an A level qualification or equivalent in French or Spanish?

For French please email

For Spanish please email

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