School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences interviews
Thank you for your application to study Healthcare Science here at the University of Plymouth.
We very much look forward to meeting you when you come for your interview. If your interview is occurring on an open or offer holder day, please register on arrival. Registration will be open from 9.00am. If you don’t have an interview time, please pick an interview slot at the registration deck. If your interview is on another day, a member of staff will have given you a specific time and place for the interview.
On the open or offer holder day, there will be some presentations in the morning session about the University of Plymouth, and what it is like to be as a student here. This will be followed by tours of the campus, with one of our Student Ambassadors, available from 9.00am and running every 30 minutes and then a brief presentation by the programme team about studying on the Healthcare Science course. Interviews are normally held after the subject talks. During some Offer Holder Days, we have organised trips to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, so you can meet our clinical scientists and tour typical facilities where you will have placements. Contact Dr Lynn McCallum, programme lead, or myself for dates.
The interview is our opportunity to meet you so that we can judge if you have the potential to be a successful Healthcare Scientist. The interview is your opportunity to demonstrate why you are interested in the course, how knowledgeable you are about the Healthcare Science profession, and what skills and experience you have that demonstrate your suitability for working within specialist NHS laboratories or clinics. You will be interviewed individually by a panel consisting of up to 3 people, including academic teaching staff and NHS clinical specialists. Your interview is likely to last about 20 minutes. We appreciate that you may be nervous about the interview and so we will aim to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible, as we want you to be able to clearly demonstrate what you can offer the course and the profession.
With best wishes for your interview,
Dr Feisal Subhan
School of Biomedical Sciences – Admissions tutor