About the research

The Telerehab Project is a collaborative project between the University of Plymouth and health and social care organisations in South West England


Anil, K., Freeman, J.A., Buckingham, S., Demain, S., Gunn, H., Jones, R.B., Logan, A., Marsden, J., Playford, E.D., Sein, K. & Kent, B. Scope, context and quality of telerehabilitation guidelines for physical disabilities: a scoping review. BMJ Open 2021;11:e049603. Available from: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/11/8/e049603

Buckingham, S., Anil, K., Demain, S., Gunn, H., Jones, R.B., Kent, B., Logan, A., Marsden, J., Playford, E.D. & Freeman, J. Telerehabilitation for people with physical disabilities and movement impairment: A survey of United Kingdom practitioners. JMIRx Med 2022;3(1):e30516. Available from: https://xmed.jmir.org/2022/1/e30516/

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“Hurled into it at the great speed of almighty.” A service evaluation and survey of remote-based assessment of physical impairments during the Covid-19 pandemic. Presented by S.Buckingham on behalf of the telerehabilitation team at the Health Services Research UK Conference 2021. Video available from: https://youtu.be/1ZjaXHcfuVw

"Telerehabilitation survey findings" Buckingham et al. 2020. View our Infographic of survey findings (created by the University of Plymouth Design team)

Collaborators and acknowledgements

Thank you to all the patients, practitioners and staff who took part in the service evaluation and survey, and who were involved in planning, producing and refining the toolkit. Particular thanks are due to the following organisations and individuals for their significant contributions:

Service evaluation sites and collaborators

  • Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Sandra Houston
  • Livewell Southwest: Dr Thorsten Brandt and Sarah Chatfield
  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust: Emma Cork
  • Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust: Dr Rachel Botell
  • University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust: Paul Minty
  • Cornwall Council: Sarah Scrivener
  • Plymouth Community Homes: Hazel Alexander
  • Torbay & South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Rachel Rapson
  • Dr Chris Rollinson, Research Governance Manager, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
Patient and Public Involvement
  • Barbara Scott: PPI lead for the project
  • Sandra Houston and Jess Millward (Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) and Tom Sargeant (University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust): identifying patients to take part
  • The many patients (and family members) who helped to ensure the toolkit is of relevance and interest to members of the public

Additional contributors

  • All the practitioners and patients who contributed to the toolkit videos and provided case studies
  • Kim Algie (University of Plymouth) who collated the research evidence for the ‘Outcome measures and assessment tools’ section
  • Dr Kim Sein: service evaluation lead
  • All those who fed back on early versions of the toolkit, with particular thanks to Neil Gokani and team (Sirona care & health), Gemma Marshall (Reading Borough Council) and Luke Todd (University of Plymouth)
  • The University of Plymouth Digital and Content team


This research was funded by UK Research and Innovation - Medical Research Council (UKRI–MRC) (Award Number: COV0079). The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the UKRI-MRC.