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Demand and supply

In achieving the University’s key ambitions of World-class Research and Innovation and Achieving Resilience, Sustainability and Effectiveness (2020 Strategic Ambitions 2 and 4), a significant driver is the University’s ability to generate income from the exploitation of its intellectual assets (including its IP) and to focus on satisfying the market demand for new products, solutions and methodologies. This ‘demand-side’ model complements the University’s ‘supply-side’ strengths in curiosity-led research and teaching.


Increasingly, to ensure that the University’s research funding is sustainable and to complement the more traditional sources of research funding, the University needs to create more diverse research income streams. A more dynamic relationship with external collaborators (whether in industry, commerce or wider society) is the key to unlocking this.


In preparation for this, the University formally engaged commercialisation specialists Frontier IP Group plc to work strategically in collaboration with the University for the commercialisation of its intellectual assets.

The collaboration provides a cornerstone for the products offered and developed by the University, and supports commercially viable exploitation of the University’s IP through licensing and assignment and the creation of spin-outs, as appropriate.

For more information, see Commercialising IP (process) and Strategic Partnership (Frontier IP Group) on the main Intellectual Property introduction page.