CRNS seminar

Date: Friday 20 January
Speaker: Hatice Gunes (University of Cambridge)
Venue: Link 3 Seminar Room, 2-3pm
Title: Affective and Social Signal Processing for HRI

Abstract: Computing that is sensitive to affective and social phenomena aims to equip devices and interfaces with the means to interpret, understand, and respond to human personality, affect, moods and intentions - similarly to how humans rely on their senses to assess each other's affective and social behaviour. This talk will focus on automatic recognition of affect and social signals, and will present an overview of recent research works my team has conducted in these fields in the context of human-virtual agent interactions and human-robot interactions.

  • 28/10/2016 - Carlos Cifuentes: Human-Robot Interaction Strategies for Assistance and Rehabilitation
  • 25/11/2016 - Hatice Gunes (Cambridge)
  • 02/12/2016 - Padraig Gleeson (University College London)
  • 16/12/2016 - Ian Phillips (ARM)
  • 27/01/2017 - Miguel Gonz├ílez-Fierro (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  • 10/02/2017 - Marcus Kaiser (Newcastle)
  • 17/02/2017 - Shimon Whiteson (Oxford)
  • 03/03/2017 - Karl Tuyls (Liverpool)
  • 10/03/2017 - Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova (Exeter)

Annual UK Robotics Week at University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth organises an afternoon of academic presentations, followed by a public exhibition and debate on robotics and artificial intelligence.

Discover cutting-edge robotics research taking place at the University

Will machines soon be thinking for themselves?

As machine learning continues to improve at breakneck speed, we are surely on a collision course with machines that will fit into our lives fluidly and effortlessly, just as other humans around us already do.

Professor Angelo Cangelosi discusses the evolution of the thinking machine during UK Robotics Week 2016.

Within touching distance? Creating machines that appear to think.

EU Parliament workshop on European Robotics Research Leadership

Angelo Cangelosi and the MEP Ioannis Tsoukalas are organising this workshop at the Altiero Spinelli Building, home of the EU Parliament in Brussels. Speakers will include Libor Kral (Head of FP7 Cognitive Systems and Robotics unit), Alessandra Luchetti (Head of FP7 Marie Curie Unit), Rainer Bischoff (KUKA Robotics), Paolo Dario (Robotics Companion Flagship), Giorgio Metta (iCub's dad) and Yiannis Aloimonos and Katerina Pastra (Poeticon++). This is an invitation-only workshop with 30 participants from industry and academia, and 20 MEPs and European Commission staff. 

Making Sense of Sounds: Workshop on Sounds and Sound Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems, 20-21 February 2012

This workshop will discuss many aspects of sound processing, including sound perception in natural systems (humans and animals), the use of sounds to probe the environment (bio-sonar), computational modelling of auditory processing, and the development of bio-inspired real-time sound processing systems. The workshop is organised by Sue Denham and Thomas Wennekers, as part of the SCANDLE project.

International Workshop: Emergence of communication. From artificial agents to human experiments

Davide Marocco organised a workshop on the Emergence of communication. From artificial agents to human experiments, on 17 February 2012. This included speakers from Japan Univerities (Takashi Ikegami, Ryoko Uno, Hiroyouki Iizuka) and from the Natioanal Research Council (Stefano Nolfi). The workshop was funded by a University of Plymouth International Collaboration Grant.

IEEE ICDL-EpiRob 2011 Conference organised by CRNS staff

Angelo Cangelosi is the conferene co-chair of IEEE ICDL-EpiRob 2011, the first Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics, to be held in Frankfurt, on 24-27 August 2011.

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Society, Culture and Langauge (SCL2010), 11-13 November 2010

The CRNS hosted the SCL2010 workshop, sponsored by EOARD, the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.

TAROS-2010 Conference in Plymouth

The CRNS hosted TAROS2010 on August 31 to September 2, 2010. This also included an Industrial Workshop on Service and Personal Robotics. 

STM-2010 Workshop in Plymouth

Last June, the CRNS organised the workshop on Spike Train Measures and Their Applications to Neural Coding. We were able to recruit world-leading researchers as speakers and participants. 

CRNS Inaugural Workshop, 2009

The CRNS Inaugural Workshop was held on 26 and 27 November 2009 at University of Plymouth with keynote speakers Christian Goerick (Honda), Hans-Georg Stork (European Commission) and Steve Furber FRS (Manchester University).