Research on your doorstep: online science for schools

Spend time with researchers from the University of Plymouth as they investigate some of the biggest challenges in the science world today from Plymouth's favourite marine venues, including the National Marine Aquarium.

Schools and young people are invited to enjoy all or a selection of the following talks.

These talks were prepared for secondary schools as part of FUTURES2020, a festival of discovery exploring the past, creating the present and imagining the future.

Marine litter: how can we save the environment from the plastic in our seas?

"On the one hand, plastics bring immense benefits to society, and on the other hand, the accumulation of end-of-life plastics is creating a global environmental challenge."

Join Professor Richard Thompson OBE FRS, Director of the Marine Institute, to learn about impact of marine litter and how we might solve this growing environmental problem.

The rise of superbugs: science battles back

Why are untreatable and new infectious diseases on the rise? Does this have anything to do with climate change? Can humans fight back using science to win this battle? Dr Tina Joshi, Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology, explores these questions and the science behind the rise of superbugs and infectious diseases today.

Getting up close with small sea creatures

"Our impact on the natural environment has never been so great as it is right now, which means that animals are having to deal with really rapid rates of environmental change, and that's causing all sorts of problems."

Marine biologist Dr Oliver Tills focuses on the time when animals are most vulnerable: the very early stages of their life. Join him as he discusses how researchers are coming to understand the sensitivity of such vulnerable sea life to changes in the environment.