This daily showcase took place 20-24 January 2020.

Visual narratives can bring science to life, lifting graphs and diagrams from paper to instead tell a story; fly to the edge of the universe, across microscopic nano-landscapes, or even through the human body. 

  • Do you have research that could benefit from innovative visualisation? 
  • Have you experienced the capabilities of visualised data and what the Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT) can do? 
  • Are you aware of the support available to tell the story of your research data? 

The University of Plymouth is home to cutting-edge research and discovery, along with emerging digital technologies that have the potential to revolutionise how we present technical information to non-technical audiences. 

The Sustainable Earth Institute is celebrating innovative and novel ways of communicating data through visualisation, showcasing some of the exceptional research that takes place across the University, including research and business collaborations with the Impact Lab. 

The Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT) sits in the heart of campus, a transdisciplinary facility that supports research and development in data visualisation and simulation for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and shared VR. Originally the William Day Planetarium, the IVT is used for teaching, entertainment and research activities. The specialist technology allows us to paint an alternative perspective of research and how it is shared with the world. 

The daily showcase will demonstrate how the themes of marine, sustainability, health and the arts can be re-imagined for immersive experiences. 

There will also be an overview of Impact Lab, and how it brings together researchers and businesses for collaborative projects that address big data and environmental challenges. 


The programme will be repeatedly daily throughout the Research Festival. 

12:00 | Welcome from Professor Iain Stewart, Director of the Sustainable Earth Institute; or Professor Mike Phillips, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts.

12:15 | Immersive Visualisation Showcase by Luke Christison, Senior Technical Manager of the IVT

  • Inside the brain of Mike Phillips through MRI scans
  • NASA’s interpretation of wind and currents on the world
  • Reaching the outer edges of the observable universe 
12:45 | Impact Lab: supporting businesses through visualisation by Sarah Fear, Project and Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Who is this event for? 
This event will be of most interest to those who have never experienced what the IVT can do, particularly researchers in any discipline and creative organisations that would like to make use of the facility and collaboration opportunities on offer.


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The Sustainable Earth Institute is about promoting a new way of thinking about the future of our world.

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