Falls management for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Research focussing on accidental falls and falls management

Falling is a significant problem for people with MS which leads to injury, loss of mobility and reduced quality of life. Existing balance and falls programmes are not tailored to the needs of people with MS or focussed on the specific problems which cause falls in MS. Our work has systematically developed and undertaken an initial evaluation of a novel MS specific balance and safe mobility programme (BRiMS). The ultimate aim is to undertake a full scale evaluation of its effectiveness.

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Balance Right in Multiple Sclerosis (BRiMS)

BRiMS is an innovative evidence-based, user-focused, self-management intervention designed to improve safe mobility and minimise falls in MS.
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Development of a falls management intervention for people with MS

This project aimed to inform the development of a falls management intervention for people with Multiple Sclerosis.