The Community and Primary Care Research Group have a substantial investment in research related to the offender population. We are committed to working with offenders and key stakeholders to design and trial new interventions and conduct service evaluations with the aim of reducing access to the Criminal Justice system for this population, and improving outcomes. Offenders encounter a range of health problems, both whilst in prison and after release. These problems can include mental health, but are often physical health issues as well. Our research is working with this vulnerable group to ascertain the problems at the core of their lives and work to address these. Offenders are also likely to experience issues with substance misuse, and we are collaborating with police custody to put in place accelerated access to a range of services, to improve outcomes for this population. Our group has been working alongside service providers to shape and define services to better fit the needs of this group. 

Street Triage has also been a core component of the groups work in addressing inequality for the offender population, working with key stakeholders to develop and evaluate a service that aims to divert people away from the Criminal Justice System. The group has extensive experience of working with this hard to reach and vulnerable population, and seats Patient and Public input along with Stakeholder Involvement at the core of our research in order to address the issues that really matter.

Who is involved?