Regenerative Medicine Research Group

One of the three key research schemes of Peninsula Dental School

Regenerative medicine is one of the three key research schemes of Peninsula Dental School. We have received more than 2 million research grants and fellowships from the European Research Council, European Regional Development Fund, BBSRC, European Orthodontic Society, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and China Scholarship Council etc., and contracted research. Currently we have active collaborations with more than 30 international institutes. 
We are particularly interested in:
  1. Stem cell research especially for tooth and oral cancer;
  2. Wound healing and tissue regeneration for skin, oral mucosa and salivary glands;
  3. Mechanisms of pathological effects of COVID-19 infection on oral tissues.
We apply broad state-of-the-art biological and molecular technologies in our research including transgenic modelling, organoids, 3D bioprinting, 3D skin and oral mucosa stratification simulation etc.. The laboratory is equipped with advanced tissue, cell and molecular biology 
Our research results have been published in leading international journals such as the EMBO Journal, Nature Communications, Journal of Dental Research etc.. and have received many research prizes. 

Open positions:

Research fellow or senior research fellow

We are actively looking for a research fellow at grade 7 or 8 for designing and manufacturing next generation hydrogel for wound healing study. For details please contact Professor Bing Hu.

Recent research grants
2021-2023 European Orthodontic Society research grant (£28,300) 
2020-2023 Industry contract researches on biomaterials (£300,000)
2020-2023 Peninsula Dental Society Enterprise postdoctoral fellowships x2 (£260,000)
2017-2020 European Regional Development Fund (£500,000)
2017-2021 National Natural Science Foundation of China (¥600,000)
2014-2018 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, European Union (€100,000)
2014-2017 BBSRC research grant, UK (£426,000)
Key recent publications
Walker, J.V., Zhuang, H., Singer, D., Illsley, C., Kok, W.L., Sivaraj, K.K., Gao, Y., Bolton, C., Liu, Y., Zhao, M., Grayson, P.R.C., Wang, S., Karbanová, J., Lee, T., Ardu, S., Lai, Q., Liu, J., Kassem, M., Chen, S., Yang, K., Bai, Y., Tredwin, C., Zambon, A.C., Corbeil, D., Adams, R., Abdallah, B.M., Hu, B. (2019). Transit amplifying cells coordinate mouse incisor mesenchymal stem cell activation. Nature Communications,10:3596. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11611-0. (the paper has been widely reported by global media, such as The Telegraph and has been selected as the Biomedical Picture of the Day (Medical Research Council, London Institute of Medical Sciences)).
Denes, B.J., Bolton, C., Illsley, C., Kok, W., Walker, J.V., Poetsch, A., Tredwin, C., Kiliaridis, S., Hu, B. (2019). Notch signalling coordinates periodontal ligament maturation through regulating Lamin A. Journal of Dental Research. doi:10.1177/0022034519871448. 
Singer, D., Thamm, K., Zhuang, H., Karbanová, J., Gao, Y., Walker, J.V., Jin, H., Wu, X., Coveney, C. R., Marangoni, P., Lu, D., Grayson, P.R.C., Gulsen, T., Liu, J.K., Ardu, S., Wann, A., Luo, S., Zambon, A.C., Jetten, A.M., Tredwin, C., Klein, O.D., Attanasio, M., Carmeliet, P., Huttner, W.B., Corbeil, D., Hu,B. (2018). Prominin-1 controls stem cell activation by orchestrating ciliary dynamics. EMBO J, 2018. doi:10.15252/embj.201899845. (The paper has been selected by the GE Reports, as the 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week: