Steps II Study
STEPS II is a National Institute for Health and Care Research funded study for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), sponsored by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and managed by the University of Plymouth's Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit. Paul Taylor (Consultant Clinical Scientist at Salisbury District Hospital) is the Chief Investigator and will be leading the research.
People with PD often have difficulty walking. This can cause them to walk slowly, take small steps and increases the risk of falls. These challenges can lead to a reduced quality of life and greater dependence on others.
This is a study testing a device that aims to improve walking in people with PD. The device is attached to the leg and produces small electrical impulses that improve movement, using a safe technique called functional electrical stimulation (FES). 
We previously carried out a small (feasibility) study, which showed that FES can help patients walk faster and reduce some symptoms of PD. You can view a summary for this feasibility study below.