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PedRIO Critically Inclusive Pedagogies Research Network International Seminar.

‘Widening participation', ‘inclusion', ‘inclusive pedagogy', ‘access', ‘diversity', ‘retention', ‘raising aspirations', are widely-occurring policy terms and academic discourses within the international education community. 

They are drawn on when referring to, or engaging with, questions of social justice and equality within and across international university institutions. What translates into practise is known to be problematic, in many cases unsuccessful, and can reflect misinterpreted notions of inclusion. This seminar draws on the expertises of five academics working in the international higher education sector with undergraduate and graduate students.

Arguments will be made and stories told around the body of work known as ‘culturally responsive pedagogy’. Research will be shared and conversations encouraged on the ubiquitous and complex matter of ‘inclusion’. Examples of successful inclusive education stories will be provided alongside input which challenges our status quo thinking about ‘widening participation’ and its so-called social justice driver. We invite your stories, thoughts and your challenges for it is only through critical forms of dialogue and debate that Education as a medium and a process for learner transformation can be enabled. 


  • Welcome and Introduction - Professor Pauline Kneale, PedRIO, Plymouth University
  • In pursuit of culturally responsive pedagogy in Aotearoa, New Zealand - Ms Delia Baskerville, Victoria University, New Zealand 
  • The ‘urban education’ degree: alignment with questions of ’inclusion’ and culturally responsive pedagogy - Dr Margaret D Clark, California State University, Los Angeles, USA
  • Divided and dividing discourses: conflicts with and for Inclusion. Getting down and dirty! - Dr Suanne Gibson, Plymouth University 
  • Meeting the needs of diverse students in higher education: it depends on the master you serve - Dr Kathleen Norris EdD and Ann B Berry PhD, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire, USA

Discussion Forum

Back by popular demand - guest appearance: Professor Penny Jane Burke (University of Roehampton), Plenary Discussion Advisor/Facilitator. 

Conference presentations and documents

Please feel free to download the following documents or presentations from the conference.

PedRIO Masters Conference keynote by Pauline Kneale Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching & Learning, Director of PedRIO

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