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Image credit: Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Father-land, 2018. Film Still.

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    Jill Craigie Cinema, University of Plymouth

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The artist residency as a space of creative exploration and reflection

Between 2013 and 2017, seven artists associated with the University responded to Cyprus through residencies at Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. The resulting work indicates a range of different responses to the island and to the complex layers of Cypriot culture, a place where historically the Hellenic and the Islamic were variously entangled and, along with legacies of British colonialism, remain marked now.

Taking the Nicosia research programme as a focus, the 2018 Summer Symposium hosted by Land/Water and the Visual Arts at University of Plymouth will focus on the notion of residency as a model fostering creative investigation and making as a mode of response to place. Through this case study the symposium invites critical reflection on the pleasures and challenges of working in previously unfamiliar locations.

This annual summer symposium will celebrate 25 years of Land/Water and the Visual Arts (and its predecessors) as an active research group.


  • Dr Carole Baker, photographer and writer, lecturer in photography
  • Christopher Cook, artist, Associate Professor in fine art
  • Dr Hannah Drayson, artist, lecturer in transtechnology
  • Dr Stephen Felmingham, Head of Painting, Drawing and Print, Plymouth College of Art; regional co-ordinator for the Land2 art research network, UK
  • Stuart Moore, film-maker and associate lecturer in media arts
  • Liz Nicol, artist, Associate Professor, and programme leader, MA Photography
  • Dr Kayla Parker, artist, film-maker and lecturer in media arts
  • Dr Simon Standing, Associate Professor in photography and Associate Head of School
  • Dr Yiannis Toumazis, Director of NiMAC, co-convenor, NiMAC partnership
  • Liz Wells, Professor in Photographic Culture, co-convenor, NiMAC/PU partnership

 Discover more about the contributors and explore the programme for the symposium

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