Sphere February 2021, Sustainable Earth Institute. House with plant walls
Organisations across Devon are keen to reduce their carbon output to help tackle this emergency and Devon is blessed with many enterprises already operating in the low carbon sector. The Sustainability Hub; Low Carbon Devon Project has been developed to support these enterprises and catalyse action around cutting carbon. 
Supported by an investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the three year (£2.6m) programme, supports Devon-based enterprises (sole traders, micro-businesses, SMEs, social enterprises and CICs engaging in economic activity) to access research, and engage with University academics around the low-carbon agenda. This means research and innovation leading to the development of low carbon products, services or processes, adopting low carbon technology or reducing carbon use. 
Through a series of knowledge exchange workshops and events, Devon enterprises will be able to collaborate with university Industrial Research Fellows focusing on four specialist research areas; Green / Living Walls, Power Electronics (Photovoltaic/LEDs), the Creative Industries and Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Occupant Behaviour). 
Academics and enterprises can work together within the collaborative space of the Sustainability Hub which has been awarded SKA gold rating, the highest accolade for sustainable fit-out. The Hub functions as a living lab, showcasing the latest low carbon technology. 
Low Carbon Devon will produce industry responsive solutions to the problems facing enterprises trying to move towards a sustainable low carbon economy, for example green wall installation, retrofit LED lighting systems, efficient building management and occupant behaviour studies. 

“As councils around the UK announce climate emergencies, this university-based project is here to work with enterprises to find practical answers to reducing their carbon impact and putting Devon at the forefront of low carbon economic growth in the UK.” 

Chris Woodfield, Knowledge Exchange Officer for Low Carbon Devon
There is also the opportunity for enterprises to benefit from students working on impactful, fully funded 1–3 month internship programmes to make a measurable, positive difference to the environment and to their business. Through collaborative research and partnerships, the University of Plymouth will support enterprises to develop the low carbon sector in Devon. 
The Low Carbon Devon project will set the precedent for other regions in the UK by bringing together world-renowned academic expertise and Devon based organisations to facilitate practical low carbon solutions for a sustainable and prosperous future. 
If you are a University of Plymouth academic or a Devon based enterprise keen to get involved, please contact the team sustainabilityhub@plymouth.ac.uk


The Sustainability Hub is a place where businesses, social enterprises and community groups can mix with researchers and students to exchange knowledge, collaborate and form partnerships around sustainability goals. 
The Sustainability Hub: Low Carbon Devon project is currently supporting Devon-based SMEs to access research, business support, and engage with the University of Plymouth around the low-carbon agenda. The project is supported by an investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 
Working group at the Sustainability Hub