Genetic Toxicology & Ecotoxicology Research Group team

The GTE Research Group has a varied resource of researchers and collaborators

Our current team

  • Dr Yann Aminot

    Dr Yann Aminot

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Ms Hanan Al-Sarawi

    Hanan Al-Sarawi

    PhD Researcher
  • Photo of Audrey Barranger

    Dr Audrey Barranger

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Matthew Baron

    Dr Matthew Baron

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Charlotte Crowther photo

    Charlotte Crowther

    PhD Researcher
  • Dr Nicholas Dodd

    Dr Nicholas Dodd

    Senior Visiting Research Fellow
  • Awadhesh Jha photo

    Professor Awadhesh Jha

    Professor of Genetic Toxicology & Ecotoxicology
  • Laura Langan photo

    Laura Langan

    PhD Researcher
  • Rajan Maynard photo

    Rajan Maynard

    PhD Researcher
  • Ruwaidah Mussttaf

    Mrs Ruwaidah Mussttaf

    PhD Researcher
  • Dr Deepu Oommen

    Dr Deepu Oommen

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Emily Vernon

    Emily Vernon

    PhD Researcher

Present associate members

  • Dr Charlotte Braungardt

    Dr Charlotte Braungardt

    SoGEES, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Professor Sean Comber

    Professor Sean Comber

    SoGEES, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Dr Andrew Fisher

    Dr Andrew Fisher

    SoGEES, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Professor Simon K Jackson

    Professor Simon K Jackson

    School of Biomedical and Health Care Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Dr David Jenkins

    Dr David Jenkins

    School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, University of Plymouth
  • Professor Michael Moore

    Professor Michael Moore

    University of Plymouth/Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  • Dr Rana Moyeed

    Dr Rana Moyeed

    School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Professor David Parkinson

    Professor David Parkinson

    Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Plymouth
  • Professor James W Readman

    Professor James W Readman

    University of Plymouth/Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  • Dr Vikram Sharma

    Dr Vikram Sharma

    School of Biomedical and Health Care Sciences, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Andrew Turner

    Dr Andrew Turner

    SoGEES, University of Plymouth, UK


  • Dr Yanan Di: PhD thesis entitled ‘Integrated biomarker and molecular responses in marine bivalve following exposure to environmental contaminants’. Funding: Overseas Research Studentship (ORS) award. 
  • Dr Lorna Dallas: PhD thesis entitled 'Consequences of chronic exposure of marine species to low concentrations of pollutants'. Funding: European Commission; INTERREG IVA.
  • Dr Matthew Baron: PhD thesis entitled ‘Mechanistic Application of Spheroids Cell Culture to 3Rs in Fish Ecotoxicology’. Funding: BBSRC CASE award with AstraZeneca. 
  • Dr Saravuth Rattanachongkiat: PhD thesis entitled ‘Distribution and speciation of arsenic in the PalePaNang estuary’. Funding: Government of Thailand & British Council - with Dr M Foulkes and Professor Geoff Millward. 
  • Dr Catherine Money: PhD thesis entitled ‘Speciation and toxicity of Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn to larvae of the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas’. Funding: NERC CASE award - with Dr CB Braungardt, Professor P Worsfold and Professor EP Achterberg.
  • Dr Sebastian Rider: PhD thesis entitled ‘Role of dietary selenium and zinc in promotion of fish nutrition and health’. Funding: BBSRC Industrial CASE Award with Alltech Biosciences Centre - with Professor S Davies. 
  • Dr James Reeves: PhD thesis entitled ‘Trace element enhancement of fish diets to minimise oxidative stress and genomic instability. Funding: Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition - with Professor S Davies. 
  • Dr Samad Omar: PhD thesis entitled ‘Development of sustainable diets for carp'. Funding: Government of Republic of Iraq - with Professor S Davies. 
  • Dr Arafat Ahmed: PhD thesis entitled ‘Effect of chromium toxicity on survival and growth in larval phase of marine fish’. Funding: Government of Republic of Iraq - with Professor S Davies.
  • Dr Alexandros Samartzis: PhD thesis entitled ‘Trace element nutrition and toxicity in sea brim’. Funding: Government of Greece - with Professor S Davies.

PhD researchers

  • Dr Franck A. Atienzar: PhD thesis entitled ‘Development of the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique to measure the effects of genotoxins in aquatic organisms’. Funding: EU Marie Curie. 
  • Dr Philip L. Pascoe: PhD thesis entitled ‘Chromosomal variation in Nucella lapillus (L.) and other muricid gastropods’. Funding: Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth. 
  • Dr Josephine A. Hagger: PhD thesis entitled ‘Evaluation of radionuclide-induced damage in marine invertebrates’. Funding: NERC CASE Award with Environment Agency (EA) and Devonport Royal Dockyard (DML). 
  • Dr Victoria V. Cheung: PhD thesis entitled ‘Detection of genetic toxicity in marine invertebrates’. Funding: DETR, UK. 
  • Dr Claire R. Cailes: PhD thesis entitled ‘Impact of ionising radiations in freshwater invertebrates’. Funding: NERC, UK. 
  • Dr Zoë J. Lyle: PhD thesis entitled ‘Interactive toxic effects of UV radiation and PAHs: In Vitro Studies’. Funding: Duchy Health Charity and PCMD. 
  • Dr Martin Canty: PhD thesis entitled ‘Echinoderms and marine pollution: Development of non-destructive biomarkers'. Funding: NERC CASE Award with AstraZeneca. 
  • Dr Sherain Al-Subiai: PhD thesis entitled ‘Impact of PAHs on aquatic invertebrates'. Funding: Kuwaiti Institute of Scientific Research, Government of Kuwait. 
  • Dr Sanna Abdul Mustafa: PhD thesis entitled ‘Impact of pollutants on fresh water fish’. Funding: Government Republic of Iraq.
  •  Dr Helena Reinardy: PhD thesis entitled ‘Transgenerational effects of ionizing radiation on zebrafish’. Funding: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Marine Laboratory, Monaco and Marine Institute, University of Plymouth.

Post-doctoral researchers

  • Dr Lorna Dallas, UK
  • Dr Awantha Dissanayake, UK
  • Dr Ildiko Gyory, UK
  • Dr Alessia D’Agata, Italy
  • Dr Damien Tran, France
  • Professor Sheikh Raisuddin, India

Visiting postgraduate researchers 

  • Ms Elena Papis, University of Insubria, Italy; 2007 
  • Ms Teresa Balbi, University of Genoa, Italy; 2014
  • Mr Enrique Baron, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain; 2014
  • Ms Taynah Vicari, University of Parana, Brazil; 2014-15
  • Ms Marianne Faure, ESITPA, Rouen (Normandy), France, 2014
  • Mr Erik Ferrara, University of Messina, Italy, 2015
  • Ms Silvia Arossa, University of Ancona, Italy; 2015
  • Ms Giulia Pompeo, University of Siena, Italy; 2016