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Edited Journals (Elsevier Science; since 2014)
1. Co-Edited Special issue of Marine Pollution Bulletin, The English Channel and it’s catchments: Status and Responses to Contaminants’. Vol 95, 2015
2. Managing and Special Issue editor, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity; Environmental Radioactivity: Implications of Human and Environmental Health, Vol 133, 2014.

Review Articles (since 2014)
Collins AR et al. (79 authors: ANJ: 34 position) (2023) Measuring DNA damage with the comet assay: a compendium of protocols. Nature Protocol. 
TS Kumaravel, TN Sathya, R Balaje, P Pradeepa, D Yogaraj, MR Murali, KR Navaneeth krishnan, S Murugan, AN Jha (2022) Genotoxicity evaluation of medical devices: A regulatory perspective. Mutation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research 789, 108407.
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Wang Q, Xi Chen, AN Jha, H Rogers (2014) Natural Gas from Shale Formation – The Evolution, Evidences and Challenges of Shale Gas Revolution in United States. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review 30, 1-28.

Original Scientific Papers (since 2014)
Mentana A, Y Lamartinière, T Orsière, V Malard, M Payet, D Slomberg, I Guardamagna, L Lonati, C Grisolia, A Jha, L Lebaron-Jacobs, J Rose, A Ottolenghi, G Baiocco (2023) Tritiated Steel Micro-Particles: Computational Dosimetry and Prediction of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage for In Vitro Cell Culture Exposures. Radiation Research (in press)
Vernon EL, AN Jha, MF Ferreira, DL Slomberg, V Malard, C Grisolia, M Payet, A Turner (2022) Bioaccumulation, release and genotoxicity of stainless steel particles in marine bivalve molluscs. Chemosphere 303, 134914. 
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Olmastroni S, G Pompeo, AN Jha, E Mori, ML Vannuccini, Niccolò Fattorini, Nicoletta Ademollo, I Corsi (2019) Erythrocytes nuclear abnormalities and leukocyte profile of the immune system of Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) breeding at Edmonson Point, Ross Sea. Polar Biology 42, 1343-1352. 
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Chapters in Books (since 2014)
S A. Mustafa & A N. Jha (2022) The impact of hypoxia and dead zones on marine habitat destruction and fish populations. In. Dynamics and Interrelations between nature, Science and Society. Chapter 6, pp. 147-167. Eds. KK Jha and M Campbell. Nova Science Publishers.; ISBN: 979-8-88697-053-1.
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Farre M and AN Jha (2020) Metabolomics effects of nanomaterials: an ecotoxicological perspective. In Environmental Metabolomics: Applications in the field and laboratory studies from the exposure to the metabolome (Chapter 9; pp 259-81). (Eds. Diana Alvarez-Munoz and Marinella Farre). Elsevier. ISBN: 97801281966.

Conference Papers

Refereed Conference Proceedings (since 2014)
(Abstracts in Peer-Reviewed International Journals)
Jha AN (2022) An integrated approach to assess the impact of emerging contaminants on aquatic organisms. Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis 63, 43-43.
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