Making connections: the sustainable supply chain
  • Room 202, Mast House, Shepherd's Wharf, 24 Sutton Road, Plymouth PL4 0HJ

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This session (part of the ESRC Festival of Social Research) provided information about how global supply chains operate and how the consumer decisions we make are inextricably connected with the lives of others all over the globe. 

Rapanui, an ethical clothing company set up by Plymouth alumnus Rob Drake Knight was showcased at this event.

Speaker: Dr Alison Ashby

Alison is Lecturer in Operations Management at the University. With a first degree in Printed Textile Design she worked in the UK clothing and textile industry in a range of business development, operations and project management roles before joining the University, and has direct experience of implementing sustainability in supply chains.

Alison has an MBA from Nottingham Business School and a PhD in Sustainable Supply Chain Management. She has published papers in Supply Chain Management: An International Journal and the International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, as well as contributing a book chapter to Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles (Greenleaf Publishing, 2013). Her current research interests include sustainability in SMEs and the re-shoring of manufacturing and supply chains within the UK.

Alison remains actively involved in the UK clothing and textile industry and is a member of the Textile Institute Sustainability Special Interest Group. 

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