The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) based at the University of Plymouth is a not-for-profit research and development centre dedicated to helping and supporting teachers to enhance the mathematical progress of their learners. The centre works across all sectors of education, nationally and internationally, developing help, advice and resources based on the following cycle:

  • Problem
  • Research
  • Development
  • Trialling
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination
These resources are freely available at

We have coordinated three longitudinal international comparative projects and more recently been involved in the successful implementation of the new Core Maths qualification for students in the tertiary sector based on applications of mathematics, together with work nationally in supporting and retraining non-specialist teachers of mathematics. 

This has brought into focus many of the current issues that teachers face in trying to ensure high-quality mathematical provision is available to provide motivating and inspirational lessons.


  • Andrew Russell (Lecturer in Mathematics, Carlisle College)

  • Barry Copeland (Quality control, CIMT Resources)

Active projects

Equivalent GCSE Mathematics (DB and RG) 

We are developing a University of Plymouth GCSE-Equivalent Mathematics (Foundation Tier) for use by University of Plymouth students or prospective students; it will be acceptable for Plymouth students and its associated Colleges. The first sitting will in early April but this might have to be in online mode.

Support for Health Students (RG and DB)

We provide prospective students in Nursing and related health professions with a GCSE-equivalent exam and support in relevant topics (numeracy, measures, data handling) for access to University courses. We also provide targeted support in their first year of study.

Masters Degree in Mathematics Education (DR, DB and NS)

This fully online course for practising teachers of mathematics (in Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Sector) is designed to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge and their leadership skills for future roles; it is available as a part-time or full-time course and open for national and international students.

SKE for Initial Teacher Trainees (RG, DB and GS) 

We are currently developing a bid to provide Subject Knowledge Enhancement for students about to embark on initial teacher training courses in Secondary Mathematics; it will be offered as an online course with partner SCITTS around England, providing local one-to-one support for students.

Enhancing MEP Primary with PPs for every lesson (AR, LH and DB)

To enhance our comprehensive and innovative MEP Primary course, we are developing daily PowerPoints to help teachers implement our scheme; these will be freely available and planned to be online next year (140 draft PPs have been developed for Book 1 and PPs for Books 2 and 3 are currently being developed).

Reassessing Assessment at GCSE: international Comparisons (ND and DB)

We are looking for evidence as to whether GCSE examinations are fit for purpose, not just in light of the current pandemic but in the longer term, noting that students are in education and training till age 18+. We are looking for both local and international evidence; read our blog for more details.

Development of Mathematical Toolkit for Primary Future Teachers (NS, DB and ND)

Here we have started on providing dedicated mathematical support for trainee primary teachers who are struggling with competence and confidence in mathematics; this is an ongoing project and, for example, we are trialling retrieval cards for key concepts.

MEP Primary for Scotland (DB, RG and EH)

We have been encouraged but our pilot schools in North Aberdeenshire and Scottish Curriculum Offices to provide an adapted dedicated Primary Mathematics course with refence to the Benchmarks that underpin their Curriculum for Excellence. This is planned to be available for the next academic year, using Amazon to promote and sell our books, with comprehensive support freely available online.

Maths4all resources (All)

Our full range of resources for learners (and parents) working at home have been made available (at no cost) at, with more resources being developed and uploaded regularly.

Supporting Springwell Academies in Lincolnshire (DB, GS and EH)

As part of our continued programme to help and support non-expert teachers to become competent teachers of mathematics, we are working with the Springwell Alternative Academies in Lincolnshire; as well as providing support for all their teachers and teaching assistants, we are piloting digital badging on topics in mathematics so that the transient learners in these schools can gain credit for mastering topics in mathematics.

Detecting and Correcting Misconceptions in Mathematics (GS and DB)

As part of our ongoing development of resources to help teachers and learners, we are researching common misconceptions and mistakes in secondary mathematics with a view to develop new online resources that both detect and correct common misconceptions; this is ongoing work.

Teaching and Learning KS3 Maths Through Problem-Solving (DR and DB)

New resources for Key Stage 3 Mathematics have been developed based on a Japanese problem-solving approach; some of these resources have been trialled but more work and evaluation is needed before we can launch this series nationally.

How Do I Become a Better Teacher of Mathematics? (All)

This our embryonic project to bring all our research and development work together into one new comprehensive website, focused on helping teachers to progress, whatever their starting point, towards becoming an expert teacher or leader of Mathematics. We hope to find suitable funding for this project.