Cornerstone Heritage events
Following the success of last year's Cornerstone Heritage events which aimed to bring together researchers from across the university with a shared interest in heritage and to showcase our work to the heritage community outside the university with events such as the Festival of Research, postgraduate conference at Saltram House and network lunches. 

11:00 am Wednesday 2 September 2020 

Jane Webb talks through:

  • heritage after Walter Benjamin
  • stories of place
  • urban walks.

11:00 am Wednesday 9 September 2020

Zoe Roberts talks through:

  • grounded theory
  • NVivo coding.

Please register with the email address that you prefer to use for MS Team Meetings, and we will send you an invite with a link to the session.

For the new academic year we are planning a postgraduate symposium and in 2021 an online conference.