Developing a research skilled workforce

Inspiring and supporting a research skilled workforce in the South West

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Dental students in Phantom Head room in Portland Square.


How does this connect with the national research strategies?
This regional work programme aims to align the national research strategies with local work at organisational and integrated care board level. 
We aim to use promotion of the strategy to create a research movement leading to a step change for an aware and research skilled workforce.
Who is the project aimed at helping?
We aim to use promotion of the strategy to create a research movement leading to a step change for an aware and skilled research workforce.
The workforce that is being referred to includes registered health, social care, and scientific professions.
This includes:
  • allied health professionals (AHPs)*  
  • dental carers (dental care nurses, dental technicians, dental hygienists)
  • opticians  
  • pharmacists  
  • public health professionals  
  • chiropractors
  • healthcare scientists  
  • medical associate professionals (MAPs)  
  • midwives
  • nurses
  • nurse associates  
  • registered psychological professionals and psychology practitioners 
  • social workers
  • clinical researcher practitioners.
*The allied health professions include: 
  • art therapists 
  • drama therapists 
  • music therapists 
  • podiatrists 
  • dietitians 
  • occupational therapists 
  • operating department practitioners 
  • orthoptists 
  • osteopaths 
  • paramedics 
  • physiotherapists 
  • prosthetists and orthotists 
  • radiographers 
  • speech and language therapists.
What does this mean for me and my practice?
Colleagues who participated in the 2021 task and finish group agreed that there was a need for a strategy that focuses specifically on registered health, social care, and scientific professionals.  Medics and dentists have established, embedded, and funded programmes for research development within their career pathways. However, this does not exist for wider clinical, care and scientific professionals. This strategy is to help us move towards this.
How can I get involved?
  • Look out for our events running in 2023: there will be in person and online events; these will also be recorded, so you can watch when it suits you. 
  • Share with us any examples of good practice in how you are engaging in research activity where you work.
  • Contact us if you would like to keep in touch about future events and opportunities:

Conference and webinar events in 2023

Conference event

Developing and celebrating a research skilled workforce: 29 November 2023

Registration is now open.
For further information and to book your free place
visit our event page
  • One day free event
  • Hosted by the Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, funded by NHSE.
  • The event will showcase and celebrate research undertaken by the health, science and social care workforce across the South West of England. 
  • The research curious, research active, and research leaders are warmly welcomed.

Webinar series

Developing a research skilled workforce webinar series
Hosted by the Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, funded by NHSE. This is an inclusive and welcoming NHSE/HEE funded series of seven webinars exploring, developing and supporting research skills in the health and care workforce across the South West of England.
The webinars are free to register for and attend. The research curious, research active, and research leaders are warmly welcomed. 
What's happening now
Webinar 5: Sharing is caring
21 September | 10:00–11:30
Join us to explore how to design, develop and present your scientific poster at conference and beyond, hosted by Professor Jos Latour. 

Webinar events – coming soon and previous

Webinar 6
There is no ‘I’ in research
Monday 16 October, 11:30–13:00
Join us to explore and share regional and national research collaborations and networks of support available for all professionals.
Registration coming soon.
Webinar 7
Broadening research identities
November (date to be confirmed by mid-September)
Join us to explore understanding of enhanced, advanced and consultant research identities available for all professionals.

What's happening in our region

Unsticking the research pillar in advanced practice
A networking and development event for advanced practice clinicians wanting to progress their research pillars.
Date: 19 October 2023
Venue: Yeovil Campus, University of Bournemouth
Host: Steve Blakeway and Dr Frazer Underwood
Date: Tuesday 2 May 2023
Host: Jane Melton
The British Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit Annual Lecture (this event has now taken place)
Thursday 29 June from 4–7pm, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
Host: Katherine Broomfield
Guest speaker: Professor Janice Murray, Manchester Metropolitan University
Women’s Health Research Symposium (this event has now taken place)
We would like to invite you to a symposium that will showcase Women’s Health Research at Bournemouth University on Friday 14 July 2023, 14:00–17:00.
For those interested in learning more about the event and women’s health please listen to Professor Carol Clark’s podcast episode with Tom Stone on YouTube.

News and opportunities

New NIHR Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme 
Are you a research nurse or midwife looking to advance your career? 
The new NIHR Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme (PIPP) aims to equip research nurses and midwives with the necessary theoretical knowledge, leadership skills and practical experience to become a principal investigator responsible for conducting research at a site.
Applications for the first cohort are now open and will close on 30 September. To find out more about the programme and the application process visit our website.  
AHP writing sessions
CAHPR is to start delivering writing sessions. Our objective is simple yet powerful: to create an environment free from distractions where you can devote your undivided attention to writing. These sessions will cultivate focus and offer brief intervals for a break. Whether you are an experienced researcher or just starting your research career, we invite all Allied Health Professionals within the South West to join us. 
Research training opportunities
Undertake a PhD with Coventry University: An Exploration of the Professional Nurse Advocate Role
The application deadline is Thursday 20 August 2023, with a start date of January 2024.
South West Integrated Clinical and Practitioner Academic (ICA) Programme: NHSE-NIHR Post-doctoral bridging award (2023/24)
Application Form – Autumn 2023
The South West HEE-NIHR integrated clinical and practitioner academic (ICA) programme awards are now open for applications for Autumn 2023. The application deadline is midday, Wednesday 25 October 2023.

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