The work of 19 artists who have embraced the concept of 'slow art' will be exhibited at the Levinsky Gallery in January.

Slow Painting, by Southbank Centre's Hayward Gallery Touring, showcases artwork across a broad spectrum of styles – from figuration to abstraction – but each embracing the concept of art that takes its time – and invites viewers to do the same.

Curated by the writer and critic Martin Herbert, the exhibition features the work of Allison Katz, Benjamin Senior, Tim Stoner and Simon Ling among others.

Sarah Chapman, Director of The Arts Institute, said: 

“Slow Painting is a beautiful exhibition and it is an absolute delight to be able to show such high calibre of art here in Plymouth. The exhibition feels very timely and provides an opportunity to reflect on the process of observing and looking, and the time it takes for ideas to develop. To explore these themes further, we have invited specialists from different disciplines, including Psychology, Education, Sustainability and Music, to provide a series of gallery talks that open up a discussion as to what ‘Slow’ might mean across wider culture.”

Slow Painting opened at Leeds Art Gallery in October, and arrives in Plymouth on the first leg of a nationwide tour. It will be exhibited from Friday 24 January to Saturday 28 March, 2020.

Martin Herbert, who will provide an introductory talk on the exhibition on Thursday 23 January, said: 

“Slow Painting aims to explore multiple aspects of what slowness might mean in relation to recent painting. The exhibition includes works that have taken long periods to gestate, and others that engage with spans of time, from the continuum of art history to wider cultural and political histories. All of them, though, reward sustained contemplation.”

For more information on Slow Painting and other events organised by The Arts Institute, visit Exhibition: Slow Painting.