New book aims to inspire young people to join Children’s University

A new book aims to raise awareness of the exciting and enriching experiences that can be enjoyed through the Devon and Cornwall Children’s University.

Cub’s Adventures follows the Children’s University mascot as he travels around the South West getting stamps to include in his Passport to Learning.

It then sees him graduate alongside hundreds of friends in a ceremony in the Rolle Marquee at the University of Plymouth.

The book has been written by the Devon and Cornwall Children’s University Chancellor, David Lawrence Jones, an acclaimed children’s author best known for the Bradley Baker series, with illustrations by Abie Greyvenstein.

Mr Lawrence Jones said:

“The idea for Cub’s Adventures was to raise awareness through literacy about the Children’s University, but also to produce a book that appealed to readers of any age. It is a journey to learning, so by illustrating destinations within the region and the graduation process at the University of Plymouth, it gives the reader an overview of the process and the benefits it could offer them. I have also tried to make it fun to read, which is very important, and it has been a very enjoyable project to be involved with.”

The Devon and Cornwall Children’s University is managed by the University of Plymouth and is open to those aged five to 14. It aims to raise aspirations, self-esteem and confidence, while encouraging curiosity and a love of learning.

Through it, children are encouraged to take part in clubs and activities outside of school hours and the more they learn, the greater the reward they earn.

There are currently around 9,000 students taking part in activities across Devon and Cornwall, with more than 130 schools and organisations signed up.

Cub’s Adventures is currently available to order for £6.99 and more information is available at

Cub checks out his Passport to Learning in the new book Cub's Adventures

Cub visits the Eden Project, one of the many activities which can earn rewards

Cub graduates during a ceremony held at the University of Plymouth

Children’s University Devon

With your Passport to Learning, you can collect stamps, awards and badges to wear to school.

Children’s University is an amazing project where you can get rewarded for having fun!

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Cub’s Adventure: story time with our chancellor, David Lawrence Jones

Join David for a reading of Cub's Adventure, a story about going on a journey for a Children’s University passport of learning.

Over the past 15 years, David has produced stories to capture the imagination of both children and adults. 

His first novel was published in 2009 and he is well renowned for the popular Bradley Baker adventures. 

He visits as many primary schools as possible throughout the UK to share his love of literacy.