The University of Plymouth Brazilian Connections and Caribbean partners

The University of Plymouth Brazilian Connections and Caribbean partners (UBC) facilitates and promotes collaborations between colleagues at the University of Plymouth and similar sized universities (so far) in Brazil, Venezuela and the Caribbean to develop multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary cutting-edge research to benefit our communities.

The academic staff and postgraduate exchange programme plays an important part in the internationalisation at the University of Plymouth and has a growing network which currently consists of nine disciplines within Science, Engineering and Social Sciences at Plymouth and its Brazilian partners.

So far links have been established and are continuously developed in the research areas of ecotoxicology, biochemistry, chemistry, aquaculture, geology and geography, micro-palaeontology, oceanography, remote sensing, disaster management, nanotechnology, engineering and psychology.

Student carrying out research on the coast
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Exchange opportunities

With such a wide network of partners in many different disciplines we are able to help students, at BSc, MSc and PhD level, to arrange placements, on a funded, voluntary or self-funded basis (subject to availability).

Laboratory experience for Brazilian biological sciences student

"The time I spent in Plymouth was enjoyable and memorable for me as I got to improve my English, learn new laboratory techniques and meet people like Doctors Schuwerack, Moody, Katherine Sloman and Paul Ramsay that I will never forget"
Marcela Uliano da Silva spent four months at the University of Plymouth under the supervision of Dr John Moody.
Marcela Uliano da Silva collecting Mussels in Dartmouth

Exchanges help to share best practice

"I had the chance to meet good researchers, improve my English and have a different work experience. I also learnt two new methods that are very important for toxicology studies with aquatic species which has improved our research projects back in Brazil"
Rafael Trevisian spent three months in Plymouth as part of his Masters in Biochemistry
<p>Marine mussels are commonly used to monitor water quality in coastal areas (Credit University of Plymouth)<br></p>

Brazilian MSc student Bruna Dias spent four months at the University of Plymouth

"I had a specific project to work on, the results of which were presented to researchers in Plymouth and at a conference in Germany. I also wrote an article which was accepted by the Journal of the Geological Society of London."
Bruna's project, supervised by Professor Malcolm Hart, was developed to check the foraminifera community under the influence of marine acidification.
Bruna Dias UBC exchange student

Turning ideas into reality. Juergen Steinheber wanted to conduct research for his PhD in Brazil. UBC helped make it happen

UBC has helped me to make essential contacts, and access funding, to complete my PhD research in Brazil. As an additional benefit contacts I made at Sao Paolo University are now working on collaborative research with Plymouth Business School.
Juergen Steinheber UBC