Itishree Dash

"I am a foreign exchange student at the University of Plymouth, doing masters at the Faculty of Business. I have taken up three modules which are international law, procurement, shipping and logistics; learning and development in organisations; and business modelling and maritime finance. I plan to go back to my parent university and pursue the remaining term there.

I’m currently studying at IIM Kozhikode, India. I am pursuing my masters in business administration. Before joining this institute, I worked for Tata Consultancy Services for a period of 19 months. Prior to that, I completed Bachelor of Technology with 91.2 per cent and have completed my higher secondary education with 88.2 per cent.

India does not have any specific schools offering courses in shipping and related industries but the career scope in these industries is immense. People interested in the shipping industry have to take up general management courses and then undergo on the job training. I am personally interested in pursuing a career in this field and hence the University of Plymouth being well known, was my choice for study.

The University of Plymouth is a perfect seat for all round development of students. My experience at the University of Plymouth was both enriching and enjoyable. Alongside my studies, I indulged in various activities like learning new languages, dance, kick boxing and skating. I would like to describe my experience as unforgettable. The University of Plymouth is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

I would encourage students to study at the University. The faculty at the Business School take great care of the students, the concepts are explained with a lot of clarity and the guest lecture sessions in which visiting speakers from the industry impart knowledge are one of the best value additions. I am sure they will not regret their decision.

Plymouth is one of the more popular tourist destinations in United Kingdom. The serenity and the view at The Hoe cannot be captured by any camera. It can just be experienced and captured in the heart for years to come. The people in Plymouth are very amiable. I will come back to Plymouth someday.

This was my first international experience. I had never expected it go without any problems. I have fallen in love with Plymouth and the University. The wonderful memories shall always be treasured in my heart."