International student profile - Anurag Sure

"There are few things in life which happen only once and will remain with you throughout your life; Plymouth gave me such experience. The hospitality shown by Plymouth University, working on my project with experienced supervisors and the new friends I made, gave me truckloads of memories which can be cherished throughout my life. My experience in Plymouth was nothing less than amazing. 

The University gave me a real feel for engineering and the concept of believing in practical doing, rather than just theoretical know-how, taught me good lessons. Everyone at the University, staff and students, are just looking to help you out and make your experience as brilliant as you can imagine. I can really sense the future of this university as one of the best and most practical universities in the world. 

Plymouth is known as ‘Britain’s Ocean City’, and it really did not disappoint; it added an amazing spice to my experience of exchange. A short walk on the seaside, a visit to the Hoe, and long walks around the beautiful gardens of Plymouth gives you a fresh approach to go back to work and give your best. Plymouth has good night life and an amazing energy - a must place to visit and work.

My project was based on one of the interesting research areas in the field of robotic vision. The title of the project was 'Object recognition using normalized radial basis functions' and the whole idea of the project was to develop a robust algorithm taking a different approach and do the task of object recognition. 

The project was a great learning experience for me; the title and the concepts involved in it were pretty new for my experience, however it was very interesting and challenging working in a new field which is part of my curriculum. 

Plymouth is one of the fastest growing universities in UK. The overall experience I gained, especially due to the well-organised exchange programme, gave me good life lessons for the future. There are many aspects in which this particular experience will help me in my further studies and in the future personally." 

Anurag Sure

I chose Plymouth University because of the reputation it has across all engineering domains. It is known for its practical engineering skills - this was a key factor for me as I wanted to do something more practical, along with strong theoretical roots.

Anurag Sure with Guido Bugmann

"Once I have graduated from SASTRA University, I would like to strike the right balance between academia and industrial experience. I will look for opportunities to either pursue a PhD from Plymouth University or for a job profile which suits my temperament. 

What would I say to someone considering studying at Plymouth? My definite saying would be “It’s the best decision in life to take.” 

Personally I have learnt a lot from this experience, professionally I became more mature, socially I became friendlier and it was just one heck of a ride in the journey of a roller coaster ride called 'Life at Plymouth University'."