Exams and results information for international exchange students

Further information on semester 1 exam provision

Semester 1 exam provision 

We communicate routinely with incoming students and their coordinators about semester 1 exams and advise that students should choose classes without exams if they cannot attend our exam period in January. Where students are genuinely unable to do this, (e.g. the University of Plymouth module with the exam is a core module in their home programme), as part of our commitment to internationalisation, our Exams and Awards team will make our system of alternative exam provision available under specific conditions:
1. There must be a genuine clash of semester dates.
Simply not wanting to come back after Christmas and/or the cost of coming back is not a good enough reason to request exam provision.
2. Our partner must agree to administer the exam according to our Exam rules and regulations (e.g. that the exam begins at the home institution within the UK time window that the exam is taking place at the University of Plymouth). 
It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their home institution is willing and able to administer the exam under University of Plymouth exam rules and regulations.
3. The Exams and Awards team must be notified in good time so as to be able to make the provision. 
The notification deadline is 31 October.

Provisional results

Your provisional results are available throughout the year on your DLE, usually 20 working days after the assessment deadline. Your confirmed results will be available in mid-July as an e-transcript which you can download on your DLE via the tools and resources tab. Your e-transcript includes a link to more detailed information about your results. Further, more comprehensive information about your results can be found on the Student Portal.