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The SoAIR Laboratory is a new research laboratory focusing on different topics that combine multidisciplinary knowledge in robotics and AI, cognitive science, and computational linguistics, including:
  • Human-Robot Interaction; social intelligence in robots and its applications in human daily life (e.g., e-health, education, entertainment, helping children with autism, elderly care, etc.) 
  • Cognitive and developmental systems that can make robots able to make decisions under uncertainty and acquire new skills (e.g., sensorimotor, interactive, and linguistic), and develop the learned knowledge and skills through interaction with human users and the environment.
  • E-Health and healthcare technologies for human well-being.
  • Language and speech technologies.
Human brain activity with plexus lines.. External cerebral connections in the frontal lobe. Communication, psychology, artificial intelligence or AI, neuronal informations or cognition concepts illustration with copy space. - stock illustration