The Emdeck Building provides a combination of general teaching space, social learning spaces and catering facilities. It also has bike storage for use by staff and students and will be open from 8–6pm Monday–Friday.
It is located a short walk from the main city-centre campus and you can find The Toast Office cafe inside, serving delicious seasonal menus. 

How to find Emdeck Building

The Emdeck Building is located a short walk from the main campus.
Recommended access routes are shown on the map, and a warning symbol – with a walking figure in a yellow box – will appear on student timetables to indicate you have two teaching activities back-to-back with limited travel time

Travel to the Emdeck Building will be in the usual ten-minute crossover period i.e. classes finish five to the hour and start five past the hour, however, teaching sessions between Cookworthy Building and Emdeck will not be scheduled back to back. 

Additional checks will be carried out to ensure provisions for staff and students with mobility concerns are taken into account.

Emdeck building new
The University is committed to discouraging the use of private cars, however, it continues to permit very limited car parking on campus for staff and visitors who hold a blue badge.
Only students with mobility impairment will normally be permitted to park on the Plymouth campus.
The University operates a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) enforcement system to assist in maintaining an orderly and safe parking facility on its campus. The enforcement system is managed and operated in partnership with First parking LLP and the security department at the University.
Alternative parking can be found in Drake Circus shopping mall and the Regent Street car park nearby. Charges apply.
If we are experiencing technical difficulties with any of our University of Plymouth lifts, you will be able to check their status and find more information about them on our lift status page.
If you wish to report an issue with a lift that is not listed, please get in touch with us on +44 1752 588588 or email us at estateshelp@plymouth.ac.uk