Aashish Santana, BSc (Hons) Robotics student holding a robot.

"I have always enjoyed creating things, in fact looking back, I believe all my toys were construction toys to some degree and creating contraptions was fun, but making them move and pretending they were alive filled my childhood with glee. It is these memories and an affinity for technology and programming that led me to robotics, but it was the current speed in which the robotics field is advancing that concreted my decision.

When it came to choosing a course I chose not to focus on the type of robotics course available from each university. Instead I chose to look at the equipment available for teaching and the number of research papers published on robotics within the most recent years. In both cases Plymouth was quite impressive.   

I have really enjoyed the practicality and variety the course has to offer, we have worked with robotic arms all the way to bipedal robots, from vision processing to control systems.

I have lived in several countries throughout my childhood like Saudi Arabia, India and Bahrain to name just a few, and adjusting to the culture did take some time, but people were generally helpful and friendly which speeded up the process quite a bit.

I now work at Roke Manor, a leading UK Defense R&D company."