Quantity surveyors are key players in any multidisciplinary building project as they have the skills and knowledge to allow the feasibility of project designs to become a reality. 

Our quantity surveying course focuses on fully supporting the designers of built environment projects to enable the projects to provide real value to the Clients and to society. 

It will allow the graduates to use the most up to date technology to provide solutions that can stand up to scrutiny in terms of cost, value, environmental performance and legislation. 

As a quantity surveyor you will be able to: 

  • demonstrate an awareness of the mainstream technology and the resources it uses for constructing domestic, industrial, commercial buildings and infrastructure.
  • describe the impact of a development on the environment and provide initiatives to minimise energy, reduce carbon emissions, protect and increase biodiversity, flood protection and increase health and well-being.
  • gain an ability to measure and quantify construction resources to support the design process.
  • demonstrate awareness of the legal and regulatory frameworks and systems impacting on the design and construction of buildings, and the principles of procurement and contract administration.
  • demonstrate an awareness of digital technologies that support the construction process and the management of costs.
  • recognise the roles of other professionals and parties associated with construction, property and surveying throughout a building's lifecycle and be aware of the benefits of collaborative practice.
  • recognise the importance of professional ethics.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles and processes that deliver an inclusive environment recognising the diversity of user needs.