Planning a business strategy

The construction industry has been reporting on shortages of quantity surveyors for a number of years. Quantity surveyors provide an integral part of the construction team, operating for all stakeholders in the built environment.

Quantity surveying graduates have an excellent track record of gaining employment and then developing careers in a wide range of organisations right across the built environment. The UK is a world leader in quantity surveying. Graduates can gain employment in both the public and private sectors working with client based as well as contracting based employers. All the major construction consultancies and main contracting groups employ large numbers of quantity surveyors to assess the risks and feasibility of their projects, and manage costs and legal aspects.

The quantity surveying graduate can also work effectively in a wide range of related fields including: project management, legal analysis, design management and value and risk management.

How we will boost your employability after graduation 

Our quantity surveying course works with an industrial advisory panel that actively supports the programme and provides our students with excellent links with future employers as well as opportunities to learn about the cutting edge of industry practice and thinking. Other activities that will enhance your employability include:

  • one year paid industry placement in a construction consultancy practice or a main contractor in the UK or abroad
  • careers events, where you will be able to meet and discuss careers opportunities with future employers 
  • preparing for industry' talks by future employers
  • workshops with industry professionals and guest lectures with industry specialists
  • advice with the preparation of your CV and interviews.