Laura Jackson - student profile

Graduate Gemma talks about her student experience.

"I am in my second year of studying mental health nursing. My route to nursing began when I was at college and working in elderly care. 

My interest in caring developed when I was helping those suffering from dementia, and I also had a strong interest in psychology at college, learning how the mind works and how it can affect our behaviour. 

Mental health has always had a predominant part in my life owing to personal experience and interest, so I decided to study it to widen my knowledge. 

The highlight of studying mental health nursing is the opportunities to experience various placements. 

I have so far had three placements. I have worked with the Psychiatric Liaison team at Derriford Hospital, Greenfields Recovery Unit for Women, and CAMHS Neurodevelopment Team working with children aged 5 to 12. 

By going on a number of placements, it allows you to understand how different services work and how they offer help to different people in need of care and treatment. 

The University of Plymouth offers a wide range of placement areas that can help broaden your choice of jobs if you are unsure what area to work in, as mental health offers a wide variety of employments. 

The city itself offers great social activities both on and off campus and is an all-round friendly city. 

The University of Plymouth has helped me gain the confidence I need in order to pursue my ambitions as a nurse."