Tomasz Szyrowski - graduate profile

"After trying various careers in different areas I have concluded that a job as researcher is the most suited to me. Living in London initially I choose to move to Plymouth mainly because of its location and natural beauty. This choice also turned out to be one of the best I made in terms of the course and future career.

I started a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics in 2008. From the very beginning I spoke with Plymouth’s teaching team about my focus on a future job in research and academia. I received invaluable guidelines and support. During the course I was able not only to choose core subjects which best suited my needs, but in addition I had the possibility to improve my programming skills and even get hands dirty in real research in the robotics department during a summer internship.

Three years of undergraduate study gave me a solid foundation not only in terms of knowledge but also allowed me to build a great academic network. After I finished the course I applied for research based PhD position and started my academic research in that same year. 

I work on developing mathematical and statistical tools for data acquisition, processing and interpretation in simulation and real time. The project focuses not only on the sensors used on marine applications but mainly on innovative mathematical and statistical methods for data analysis.

Studying Mathematics and Statistics at Plymouth University gave me the possibility to apply front-edge science to a real world application. I can use the most sophisticated statistical tools and see them working in practice. I know I made a good choice and would advise Plymouth University to everyone who is thinking about scientific career."